Left over paint?

Some fun up-cycling ideas to use your left over paint on.

1) Paint some jars!

Make yourself some fun bright jars and glass bottles to make vases, stationary pots and candle holders! You can also paint the outside of tins!

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2) Give your old furniture new life! 

Give your tables, chairs, drawers and shelves a new look. Also sandpaper off some bits of the newly painted furniture (when it’s dry) to give it a shabby chic, antique look!

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3) Simple, paint your own wall art!

Simple easy to make art that can spruce up any wall.

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4) Add some simple colour to your stairs!

Paint the rise of your stairs to give a burst of colour to the room.

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5) Photo frames!

Add a little colour to your photo frames, bring out colours in the image or just make the frame a piece of art itself.

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Colour in your home: Yellow

Yellow is a energising, joyful, sunshine colour. It goes well with greys, blues and greens and works well as more of a hint than a block of colour.

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Bed sheets, cushions and throws are quick and simple way of adding that hint of yellow to a bedroom.

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Re-upholster old chairs and cushions with a fresh yellow patterned or block fabric.

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Lighting. Shades or lamps. Big or small.

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Furniture. Modern or old. Worn or new. Patterned or block. Mustard or lemon.


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Colour in your home: Pink

A typically girly colour. But we’ve found some ideas that will make your rooms brighter and calming by adding some touches of pink.

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Pink on your walls. With furniture in soft colours, neutrals and reflective materials to make the room light and airy. The pastel pink above really brings out the red of the copper bed, use it to accentuate the materials of the furniture around it.

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Again neutral colours around the pink items, making the pinks stand out, but not too much.

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Light colour shades, collections of candles and strings of pink fairy lights. Subtle ways of adding the colour.

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Accessories goes well with the light blues and an easy temporary way to add colour.

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Rugs are an great way to make a room seem warmer as well as adding that splash of colour.


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Zen Design Style



The interior design style of Zen is focused on making your space a relaxing place. It incorporates the elements of light space and purpose. It disallows clutter and only uses what is needed, it follows minimalistic styles. The colours are generally neutral and natural, warm and comforting.

  Zen-Interiors-06-1-Kindesign Zen-Interiors-03-1-Kindesign


m_md315-k-wen_1 10-Basic-Rules-to-create-a-Great-Zen-House-24


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