5 Top Colour Combinations

We’ve chosen five rooms with colour combinations that we think really work.

From subtle combinations to brighter pops of colour. Take a look at colours that you wouldn’t normally think to put together and the classic combinations.


This mix match of warm hues works well in this dining area. The neutral colours of the wall, floor and table allow the chairs to pop and not over power.


Greens and blues are a winning combination. Having the green elements as plants and artwork it is a fresh and brightening way of combining the colours.


This pallet of deep blues and greys is a classic and smart look. The spot of yellow in the carpet and the mustard sofa bring this room away from being too dark. This is a great example of the use of colour to lighten a room.


This is a classic colour combination. The natural colours with the light wooden flooring and the bare brickwork is brought to life with the hints of yellow.


These brighter colours work so well together. The pop colours paired with the graphic artwork and the mid-century modern furniture make this into a current yet retro fun room.


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Our Current Top 5 Interior Colour Combinations

We’ve chosen five rooms with colour combinations that we think really work.

From greens and yellows to neutrals and neons, hopefully these will give you an idea of the different variations of colour combinations that work.

colour combo1

Blue, green, yellow and neutral. Bright and fresh colours that go great. The colour that works well here is the green of the wall, it is the statement colour (but its not too overpowering), the yellows and soft pinks work as accents to the green.

Colour combo2

The greys and pink of the walls are mirrored by the pink chair and wooden furniture in this room. A bright and fresh colour combination that is all drawn together by the reflective copper lights shades.

Colour Combo3

This is a current colour combination that we’re looking at for our own room. With a red and white egg chair we need a neutral colour that will give us a mid century modern feel. This blue grey is perfect. A soft and relatively neutral tone that will go with all the colours that are already in the room.


By keeping the room neutral and adding bursts of colour this room isn’t ‘too much’. The mix match of colours work well and adds a fresh and fun feel to the room. This is also a great way to cheaply and easily change a room. Just swap out the wall art and soft furnishings with different colours and patterns and create a whole new room.


The concentration of mustard yellow around the fire is a great way to make a feature without the traditional fire place. Neutral walls, furniture and carpets with pops of green and blue work well in this space. We love the worn looking ceiling too.


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9 Kitchenwares for summer


1 – www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5530442130001&category=KITCHEN-BAR-EU

2 – www.next.co.uk/x5d1374s4#661159×55

3 – www.anthropologie.eu/anthro/product/home-kitchendining/7543601050022c.jsp#/

4 – www.johnlewis.com/new-le-creuset-signature-round-casserole-mint/p1917367

5 – www.anthropologie.eu/anthro/product/home-kitchendining/A7544601813131.jsp?color=040#/

6 – www.anthropologie.eu/anthro/product/home-kitchendining/7542463530001.jsp?color=072#/

7 – www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5530424150202&category=DINNERWARE-EU

8 – www.johnlewis.com/le-creuset-grand-teapot-1-3l/p310226?colour=Teal

9 – www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_AT+heirloomB_-1


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Colours of Spring 2015


This is Pantone’s colour report for Spring 2015, we’ve found some items for your home that use these colours for some home inspiration.

 Harlequin wedgwood plates

(1)  These polka dot ‘Harlequin’ wedgwood plates include a few of these spring colours! Strawberry ice, Aquamarine, and a custard woodbine mix.

234066077  234066061

(2) Emma Bridgewater Pink Wallpaper Vase and Candle. Again Strawberry Ice covered.


(3) Bialetti Moka Express Hob Espresso Maker, this little thing on your kitchen surface will be the right amount of Tangerine pop for your room.

5527450520006_080_d  5527450520003_072_b 5527450520001_040_e

(4) Some more Tangerine and a useful one too. It’s in Custard and Scuba Blue too!

5520439592014_036_b 5520439592014_036_e 5520439592014_036_f

(5) Woodbine coffee table!

5520439590112_030_f 5520439590112_030_e 5520439590112_030_b

(6) A Treetop magazine or vinyl rack


(7) Lucite Green shelves from Ikea, you can even get just get a doored insert for the shelves you already have.

5522095510019_030_b  5522095510027_030_b

(8) Treetop coloured lamp shades.

5520438070010_040_e 5520438070010_040_b 5520438070010_040_d

(9) Scuba blue hanging basket swing chair!

5560434390634_040_b 5560434390634_040_d

(10) An Aquamarine Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera, the perfect spring accessory.

5559404400102_040_e 5559404400102_040_d 5559404400102_040_b

(11) This cute little Dusk Blue money bank.

5560435980780_040_f 5560435980780_040_d 5560435980780_040_b

(12) This Classic Blue Crosley Keepsake Turntable.

233685537  5532992530103_053_b

(13) A fresh Lavender scent for your home. And a rug for your floor.

5520443560108_005_b 5520443560108_005_d 5520443560108_005_e

(14) Mid Century Rocking Chair, timber and Titanium.


(15) Elephant Lamp in Glacier Grey!

231253625 231253627

(16) Kenwood kMix Kettle and 2-slice Toaster, in Almond.


(17) A zen like table lamp in Sandstone.

(18) Our wallpaper! In Glacier Grey and Dusk Blue!

Happy spring shopping!


Links to the items above:

(1) Available at: www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_Wedgewood+harlequinB_-1

(2) Available at: www.johnlewis.com/emma-bridgewater-pink-wallpaper-heart-candle/p1757573

(3) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5530098000003&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(4) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5527450520006&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(5) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520439592014&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(6) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520439590112&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(7) Available at: www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/20275890/

(8) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5522095510027&color=030&parentid=MORE_IDEAS#/

(9) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520438070010&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(10) Available at: www.amazon.co.uk/New-Model-Fuji-Instax-Fujifilm/dp/B009ZM9R0I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1423003066&sr=8-3&keywords=light+blue+instax

(11) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5559404400102&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(12) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5560435980780&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(13) Candle Available at: www.johnlewis.com/lily-flame-lavender-and-lime-scented-candle-tin/p1502324

Rug Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5532992530103&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(14) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520443560108&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(15) Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5522443010022&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/

(16) Available at: www.johnlewis.com/kenwood-kmix-kettle-and-2-slice-toaster-almond/p233558473

(17) Available at: www.amazon.co.uk/The-Lighting-Interiors-Group-Sandstone/dp/B00BL7TJ4Y

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Colour in your home: Neutrals

Greys, Browns, Black and White. The neutral colours that are often the basis of a room. Add touches of any colour to these and the combination won’t fail.

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interior designer, 46ea7d1dbfc91abebd2b0c16114c2db7 392f5c6c554f696a028cbe41370e2068


e3deadf96de915d35004068540b084ba 813a0b92270bdfde50d4b5bfabed3a83e4d8bc264df05a6b7d90de1495f42eb2 ebc80e0fca5e23210f3fcb90a8eed4ecdf8513c7eb7c08b38299aa716b85bced

Blacks and whites.

Using lights that are neutral colours allows the texture of the shades to come through. And can be an interesting detailed central part of the room.

2d35bac022adca8c8942b4ba4ad00402 9aba068be21d2ca8b1f0e1dd4e7f5e83 49b416adf2d8c7f41d92e65604623531 6e894f2c7eb1cebe3bad1198c4e95639 b2ac9ea3f43ff45786942572af7b9bee

And pillows and throws can add extra comfort to any colour schemes.

c102a5c0baa813ef37b7c887ae600287 2578a6b79049e51d1fe43a0756fe93d9 585de771bd9c81bc0fc24262fbfa2057

Our grey wallpaper!

DSC_0393 DSC_0380


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Colour in your home: Orange

An energetic colour. A bright fun colour that with even a hint of it in a room will make the room more fun and inviting.

685fa5b8fcb235827eeec5bc1a5c4215  5da2014fa8722914d9f705b8b1313d10 dea14b1fb596ef09201b71d72cf2d17a

 Orange and greys in the bedroom is a great looking way of adding touches of colour.

d8bb5ff041318715621419105abfeb15 348efc097fc43648a68953760498bac3 9deeb7f335da70fda12faf4ea6af14f1

Orange lighting and chairs make the kitchen look fresh and bright.

3f96e03d81b7ae661a0ff37a8c67ef15 b66d52833138e4f8ad509bbba80a0e56 1efeeb486a473c5f6fecfd7f7edee94f

The occasional odd piece of bright furniture makes the room bright and adds energy to the room.

0ae6c1b217feea6a6ce93766efe67d83 c2bfbe5d52828b9af2122dd840434b6e 22b039a1635c881e310d5e31753b5083 637b25cbbddbd6278a118827986710d0

Flowers, vases, crockery and home office pin boards. Bright eye catching and temporary.


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Colour in your home: Purple

Darker, plum tones bring a sophisticated feel. Lighter, lilac tones are relaxing and soft.

90e49ed85815b923bd4b66964b31d28a 6e5706a41a30ec34c35d5fb526e77032 d7785344efadcf0dae11821e7810aef3

By far, bedding gives you the widest range of options to adding purple tones to a room. From lights to darks and patterns to blocks, there is so much choice with this easy way of adding colour.

lamp_009 Koziol-Pendant-Lamp-Stella-Purple-Transparent 7175e117dbbfbced15e65108ef2001f5

Lighting. There are many different purple lights out there, but most of them are too purple, harsh and just too much. Above we’ve found a good selection of different ways to use purple lights right.

04248a732957a9a11d797d768b942374 53880ea9c8fe6f5575048062b45f829e 16cf23ba40ec99e517411ca39e02f38d

Cushions, bunting and the odd piece of furniture.

f78e63df2e261cd8456ccb7ffdd9c6ac 378f288e2546dadc07fdfb20cfa1e420 5ecfe46f36abc23d604843fbe04d9dd6

Accessories are by far the simplest way to add colour. An easy way to change the colour of the room with non-permanent touches.


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Colour in your home: Green

Green is a tranquil, refreshing and works in any room of the house.

7962405f981509083a95a8f7a6dd6d63  d48c9eb6481efe7f6fbf625be7053fb6  b555b32e34e8e74bdffa210a07a89258

Flowers are an obvious and easy way to get green into your room. Potted plants are simple and mostly easy to maintain. But if you want something a little more unique make your own miniature gardens. All you need is a jar, soil and some small plants or cacti.

8bff4a0fb03bc2dff2d7ce1ddbb0b4f2 fe981ba393e89012b708d37bd1ca1cf1 6f57d1e1cbed72eced292b87fe1d3f04

Lamps, shades, books and crockery. A simple splash of colour.

c85c9ef59dfcbb06d5c6e8afa5366cba 0800505677c4794385c484f139ba9bcd 8c091b803d389403d875d2ab78d7fc71

Soft furnishings, curtains, and bedding.

e08e0e3d5e0526b007183917476762e5 e0c801e7865b6d4c27ec5bcddc4689a2 a62b8d1a52904ce25ba9c7a11bfdfb3d

Painted furniture with a worn look or a high shine. It will go with other neutral colours in any room.


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Colour in your home: Red

There are many ways to get the colour red into your home other than painting a wall in that colour.


3e0ab026fda5091edd87447001a09b20 d43c201ccada01a4dbb7299e4250a89a1ce47cbf3bafca8743fcf6577ecf77d2

Or painting different pieces of furniture and even doors in a high gloss red is an easy way to add a bright splash of colour to your room.

87c74a99b82352a32119c47c57f24e39 ab20e5a4fb19ab9b741af6ba1f26aaf9 a679ac7d8db4a9be3425a0b8e37e89e8

A little bit of up cycling is a fun way to add the colour. Painting old chairs and re-upholstering cushions. Or fully re-upholstering chairs like the middle picture above. Another easy way is to paint the inside of mason jars with the colour and use them as vases, storage or candle holders.

233359961  233558618  ffc549a59690c0d2996c3729a4e36405

 Or just buy some simple accessories that you can add to your room.

bbd91d1291c09a7c6dc3d1625e81a674 contemporary-table-lamps

Red as a colour when in the living room stimulates conversation and in the dining room encourages appetite.


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Colour in your home: Yellow

Yellow is a energising, joyful, sunshine colour. It goes well with greys, blues and greens and works well as more of a hint than a block of colour.

  edd8c125a04d3e46df682812398bc5f6 bc1840d6b10ff57ae6ddcddac680a8a2 40ea8bd21f652cf353803cd06cf7e835

Bed sheets, cushions and throws are quick and simple way of adding that hint of yellow to a bedroom.

4eaef47b8882050b3b53cfd391285c48 33ef530606b083450622120c9d57d656 2a37c0764fc96d65a26f1ad97d609b08

Re-upholster old chairs and cushions with a fresh yellow patterned or block fabric.

d59ee24eeee77117e66f624617b22f39 022a4d5f8618632145f085ce1845444a 5c500c2d9985dcc7b8e27c7e4607decf 218948100ba94a85c08439744dd530fa

Lighting. Shades or lamps. Big or small.

d3967c6f1767d2a2c989a205471047fc df8bbbdfdc251c46e1be028db0a7fcec e723bd32f01c7b564d0dd5d9b7ff87b2

Furniture. Modern or old. Worn or new. Patterned or block. Mustard or lemon.


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