6 Items We Love For Your Home

For this post we’ve raided the home section of Urban Outfitters and the wonders of Not On The High Street to find some great items for the home. These items are at the higher end of the price scale, but they definitely seem worth it.

First up lets look at Urban Outfitters. We’ve chosen a mix of furniture that we think are so adorable. The colour, pattern and style of the dresser makes us want to buy it straight away. The different industrial style of the shelves is a useful item that we need. From last posts it may be obvious that we love Terrariums. Urban has a range of different shaped and sized terrariums on offer at the moment!

1 – Wood Pattern Drawer Dresser – £280

5520601600001_000_b  5520601600001_000_d

5520601600001_000_f  5520601600001_000_e

Available here: Urban Outfitters

2 – Industrial Style Shelving – £120

5520439590222_000_b  5520439590222_000_d


Available here: Urban Outfitters

3 – Geo Handle Terrarium – £25

5559502000100_000_b  5559502000100_000_d


Available here: Urban Outfitters

Now we’re going over to Not On The High Street for a few more great items.

The first item we’ve picked shelf with a difference. It is made from different materials and looks different to your standard shelf. We love the design and how cute does it look with a plant on it! The next item is a geometric style coffee table. Its contemporary and sleek, perfect for a modern living room. The final product is an adorable house shaped shelf. The perfect cute little addition to any kids room.

1 – Concrete and Bronze Leather Hanging Shelf by Kelly Connor Designs – £29.45



Available here: Kelly Connor Designs

2 – Contemporary Square Coffee Table by P&P – £290



Available here: P&P

3 – House Wall Shelf by Lullabuy – £82.75


Available here: Lullabuy


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Decorating Tips – Arranging

Here are some of the best illustrations we’ve found that show how best to arrange different rooms and furnitures.

The Rug

1      2

Choosing the right size rug for the room, and furniture in it, is very important. General rule is that a rug can’t be too big. A small rug becomes an item of its own and makes a room look cluttered. A larger rug draws all the pieces of furniture together and connects the space.

Lounge Furniture

3  6 7

The arrangement of your living room furniture depends on what you will be mainly using the space for. The great thing about this is, that when the needs of the room changes, it is easy to just move around the pieces and change the atmosphere.

Photographs and Artwork

4    a40993e0af823a29aa87a6be2b316551  8

Symmetry is generally the rule for hanging art work. Even in a salon style (end picture) there is a pattern to the layout (the edges of the frames line up to another). The first image shows how to understand and get hanging pictures on stairs right. There are thousands of ways to hang artwork, this is just a little taster, check out this Pinterest board for more ideas.


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Inspiring Interiors – Mural Wall Designs

There are various ways to get a mural onto your walls at home or in the office. From pattern and design being hand painted (Bethvictoria.com/mural) to wall decals (stickers).


For the playroom or nursery:

original_tree-with-patterned-leaves-wall-stickers  original_owl-pussycat-fabric-wall-sticker


Available here: Animal tree , Owl and Pussycat , Twinkle Twinkle and

For the rest of the house:

original_tree-with-birds-and-birdcage-wall-decal  original_feather-wall-stickers


Available here: Tree and birds , Feather and Map

Hand Painted

Do it yourself:

1   2

Here are a couple of ideas that you could do at home. From a small design to a whole wall piece.

The professional:

a5f2d7abdc91cb02a8c4a1556b20251f   4

3  016452ce97af826b01e87fabdf639ade

By us:

DSC_0050  DSC_0721



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Five top decorating tips

Here are some great little tips for decorating your home!

1) Add a rug to change a room

3d98af6332904926e06022518aa0802b    16411ec4e0e96a02223fc186ac4ea916

 9b9533cf822c2fa6bf421cb3847fd51f   d59e4b5c8c77999d4d3c83e3576d126f

To instantly change a room add a large rug. It will add colour and shape to a room.

2) Keep bits and bobs together with a tray

c06d80e3acb97462f123b4bd99bea045   7dc89a5bf6c3dad1c95bc8885f3e3df8

3bccb33c1581d9850c03e0b98d83c393   ec97ce898c377526a16b477d3b687725

If you have random bits you don’t know what to do with organise them with a tray.

3) Don’t forget the doors

b4150a3f839417e7de536784d4d6f5af   ab61e606c2fcd847bbd58836d4b91af1

352b1a45d23755c3226ccbb9b8525aee   f6b98a0174de3a9e7d796f53dd95102e

Doors can be forgotten when decorating a room. Paint them to add more colour to a room. Use block colours or create patterns.

4) Update with paint

24ae110fdf6f3757e13cf047d41ce0f6   bcc929a1b820fa4f8fbc27817d292db1


Use paint to re-invent your furniture. Spray or hand paint your items to make them new and fresh. There are many ways to do this, the dripping paint seen above is a great idea.

5) Windowsill displays

21670ee15634af365dc30f3ad25d5292   1163458788fd90189a0fc2202a3de3af

20a2ef8e7b038042e39c40b9b92c28f2   30ff8289da0b05a51f20bd4c54f0b86b

Use trinkets, candles, frames and lights to decorate your windowsills. Flowers are especially good for windowsills, bringing the outside in.


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Decorating the Dorm

This is the time of year when students around the world are getting ready to move away from home to start their university life. One of the most important aspects of this move is decorating the ‘dorm’ room. Making it homely, fun and a good environment to do work.


a638787f61e451a26f0f10d8a3e2f455  4f8c6eb93b4aad32e4c349ac55ac62a1



56dae1d764ba2583277e6e1624ec89bc  1ea435eb439e5428143cee15184b37dc

95e9d5c2bdecf5b7153efe4ada783acd   3f9076ca844fb174ff023bb0f03d2c70


5494139d84b5e3f66e5766e927c7153b   966466b40ab4861b2494e9c3f982f2ea



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Top 5 items on Etsy

Here are five of our current favourite items on Etsy!

1- Perky Formica Table/ Desk in Yellow by WintersMoonUK

il_570xN.458590217_rf5d   il_570xN.458590237_pgmm

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/151040065/perky-formica-table-desk-in-yellow?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=tables&ref=sr_gallery_17

2- Scissor Lamp Industrial Articulating Wall Lamp Light by LongMadeCo

il_570xN.435350794_9iyi  il_570xN.435360691_5aq0

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/125731669/scissor-lamp-industrial-articulating?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=lamps&ref=sc_gallery_3&plkey=4fbb6685611c89d4601901feaaff8ea4289978c3:125731669

3- Hanging Plant Holder by SonadoraInLove

il_570xN.800599487_n4dd   il_570xN.783963904_4s16

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/236036368/large-hanging-plant-holder?ref=fp_item&atr_uid=8751744&aref=47860168108

4- Triangle Wood Shelves by PieceOfShards

il_570xN.811996513_nh89  il_570xN.811997073_62ns

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/241609182/triangle-wood-shelves-full-set-of-6-same?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=shelves&ref=sc_gallery_3&plkey=86ac862fb3442be814540062d194e4134e29cd9a:241609182

5- Individual Hanging Painted Mason Jar by PineknobsAndCrickets

il_570xN.569278695_spok   il_570xN.569278715_e0tx

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/listing/241609182/triangle-wood-shelves-full-set-of-6-same?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=shelves&ref=sc_gallery_3&plkey=86ac862fb3442be814540062d194e4134e29cd9a:241609182


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Inspiring Interiors – The Brick Wall

We are in no way saying that full brick chimney decor is ok. But in some rooms and with some styles the bare brick wall is a  great raw way of decorating the home.

Scandinavian style

84787a8c035aaed13cd279be207da784   4d921d417a6f808824d3799e39c2d506

A brick wall works well in a Scandinavian bedroom, especially with a white wash.

d0a55f4bf28990ee1093e4ec17c46c15   27d20206d3701240ef5b2c642da3a4b1

Again with a white wash brick works in a Scandinavian style kitchen. Especially with the mix of light wood and greenery.

a13f10ae79a537e64dc65f78469b1657   a3fb84d1520fce3c2575edc9e4691ffd

Again for the same reasons the brick wall works in this style lounge. Hints of greys and yellows, as seen in the above living rooms, are a perfect pairing for the brick wall.

Industrial Style

f138b3ed81e942d3fe7221903fd0ebd0    49e6efa31f1861f799757d478443d7aa

The natural brick with the dark metal bed frames and large chunky photographs in an Industrial style bedroom is a great combination.

52f369d4e9f1932f42cefc4b55add652  44c083e2b53eb7fa2a01502983ad791f

Heavy metal and wood furniture and dark colours are a signature of the Industrial style. A white wash brick wall will brighten up this style whilst keeping in with the theme.

08a1366e8bfab99e485268bbf41eacea  3f27c31c1d65921b394382eddeb5498e

Leather, cushions and big metal lights. Industrial style living rooms ooze style and comfort. A brick wall is a simple answer for this style. It allows photographs to stand out and is the optimum industrial wall covering.

Eclectic Style

b89740131228d1730c1b9d09b2099b13   8b80aa6168da88c83fa87d8ec2432af3

The eclectic style brings together bits from all styles that work together. In the above examples you can see hints of Industrial, Shabby Chic and Mid Century Modern.

6be9d46a97280cd87188bfa57836e0bc   e8ab3b54cb788a30114b7ac13629f5e3

The brick background to this style works as a great neutral canvas for the other style to meet.

068517d50adaef432e43bbbb71028539  fc051b3dcd7aa3de65fdce3470693080

We love the mix of Industrial, Mid Century modern and hints of Scandinavian in this first lounge. Especially the roughly exposed brick with the worn off white paint.


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A range of cushions from a range of shops.

Cushions from John Lewis 

233176364     233894685

233894728  233891305

234336361  234127198

1) www.johnlewis.com/romo-jessica-zoob-passion-4-cushion/p1399200

2) www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-future-fusion-tile-cushion/p1623265

3) www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-geo-medley-cushion-black/p1623254

4) www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-fusion-ikat-cushion/p1623124?colour=Blue

5) www.johnlewis.com/harlequin-amazilia-cushion-papaya-apple/p1913857

6) www.johnlewis.com/sanderson-simi-cushion/p1779705?colour=Green%20/%20Pink

Cushions from Urban Outfitters 

5532464900106_010_b  5532466760023_000_b

5532365620002_072_b  5532365620003_037_b

1) www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5532464900106&category=CUSHIONS-EU

2) www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5532466760023&category=CUSHIONS-EU

3) www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5532365620002&category=CUSHIONS-EU

4) www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5532365620003&category=CUSHIONS-EU

Cushions from The Range

720738-1   936584

936585    922473

1) www.therange.co.uk/watercolour-brights-flower-cushion//the-range/fcp-product/87693

2) www.therange.co.uk/botanical-butterfly-cushion//the-range/fcp-product/113079

3) www.therange.co.uk/mini-butterfly-cushion//the-range/fcp-product/113080

4) www.therange.co.uk/romantic-rose-blue-filled-cushion//the-range/fcp-product/110441

 Cushions from Marks and Spencer

HT_05_T47_7515_DI_X_EC_0   CP_05_T47_7518C_ZZ_X_EC_0

HT_05_T47_7484_T4_X_EC_0  HT_05_T47_7530_T4_X_EC_0

1)  www.marksandspencer.com/ship-s-ahoy-cushion/p/p22368018

2) www.marksandspencer.com/conran-overlay-cushion/p/p22370912

3) www.marksandspencer.com/midnight-watercolour-cushion/p/p22390479

4) www.marksandspencer.com/graphite-checked-cushion/p/p22390844

Happy Shopping!


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5 Top Tips For Decorating

5 of our current top tips for when you’re decorating your home.

1 – Go for white

74825de24c02b496c3cb9a808f2e6906   12e0d3b230ffe8cd8f4819017ee8a043

9d8a53e6f9f379b26d989492a16aca43   SAMSUNG CSC

Simply –  white works. Any room and with any style, a base of white walls or furniture is an easy and efficient way of decorating your home. It is a colour that you won’t tire of and if you decide you want to do something different its a great base coat.

2 – Leather will last

55bd2eb8c8d218cb30026bba95ca9f01   73cea97795967a91294426f8ed03c927

33134789ab3fcfdb90080b3f11ae9012   a33fa7c09d2c00523dfb05f575a14d9c

Any colour, even white, leather is a long lasting and pretty indestructible material. The head board of a bed to a dining room chair this material is timeless and comfortable option.

3 – Mix it up

91306fd17f4eb16413681cb5aa9d078a   c04298bc68d87f2b914bf36a5641ac36

b1f999e1935eaf5903f542d5a555f90d   ff3adbcabc01326089bf8d941c9929ec

Don’t be confined within one design style or colour option. Mix up modern and vintage or industrial and Scandinavian. The style of one piece of furniture doesn’t have to dictate a whole room. Mix colours too, as long as the shades are right, a blue and pink room works, give it a go. But, don’t go overboard with the mixing!

4 – Plants brighten any room

8db7a690266433017559ec5c4344be25  81f0732e57140da91063997afb3fee53

2d665e182b8a66cefbeec1d2000da50d   bb87289861cdd9850662d9f4ed6831db

Plants can brighten the dullest of corners in a room. From big potted plants to little terrariums. A bit of green and a bit of life can bring brightness to any room.

5- Wallpaper works



Whether its our wallpaper or another wallpaper is a great way to decorate a room. They don’t just have to be used on a wall, if you have a sliding door make it look a lot nicer and brighter with a patterned wallpaper.


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UO Magazine Rack and Basket

A few posts ago we picked some of our favourite items from the sale sections of various stores. One of these was this industrial style Magazine Rack and Basket from Urban Outfitters.

5520439590095_046_b   5520439590095_046_e

We liked it so much that we bought it!

We chose the black option as it would have clashed with the other colours in our room.


_DSC8567   _DSC8564

It’s just the right size for the space and looks great with our record player and vinyl. The colour works well with the other colours around and the red and white egg chair looks great with it.

Available here : Magazine Rack


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