The Home Library

Whether you’ve got hundreds of books, hundreds of DVDs or you’re starting your collection a home library or simply the right type of book shelf will be a great part of your home.

These simple bookcases from places like ikea and other home stores are a simple and a reasonably low cost way of displaying books in your home. Paint the back of the case and if you don’t have a lot of books fill them with art and little things to make them interesting and eye catching.

If you spend more time with your books, then these little snug ideas are perfect. Grab a book, take a seat and have a read.

And if you’ve got a ton of books how about a whole room as your home library!

Happy reading!

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Thanksgiving DIY Decorations

Here are some nuggets of inspiration for getting your home ready for Thanksgiving!

Use leaves and tipex or white paint to create some festive bunting. Fill a vase with acorns and top with a bright flower for the perfect fall centrepieces. Keep with the bright leaf theme by creating these name cards for your table.

Make a ‘thankful tree’ get your family members and friends to fill your tree with things that they are thankful for. When its full it will look great and be a good memento of the year.

Ones for the kids!

Get the kids involved with these cool head pieces heres how to make them . Make these cute little cups into bright little birds. Who wouldn’t love these!

And one for all the family. Print off these shapes and create your own thanksgiving photo booth!

Make your own or alternatively buy them. (

Happy creating!

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Creating Inspiration Boards

A great way to start thinking about how you want to decorate a room in your home is creating a inspiration/mood board!

One great way of making a inspiration board is to collect little things that you like. Collect them in a box or stick them to your wall. You’ll be able to see a pattern of what you want in your room, your colours and patterns will become clear. Then you can start looking for furniture, paint and soft furnishings in these patterns and colours.

Another way of creating an inspiration board is digitally, you can collect images of furniture, colours and wall coverings. This is great if you know what furniture you want and allows you to easily take inspiration from the internet. Pinterest is a great easy way to find things you like and save them as a collection.

Putting your inspiration onto the wall in a the room that you want to decorate is useful. You can see how the light will work with the fabrics and wallpapers at different times of the day. It may change how you feel about them.

Your boards don’t have to have images to do with interior design on them, pick out your favourite colour dresses from a magazine or pieces of art work that you like and go from there.

The best thing to do when making inspiration boards is to keep collecting images. If you find one you prefer more than one already on your board replace it. Or just keep building the collection, it will help you see the pattern of what you really like more.

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Hanging photos in your home

A selection of fun and more formal ways of displaying pictures in your home.

First up some fun ways to hang your pics. Attach them to wall displays like fairy lights, geometric shapes and drift wood style displays.

Some more formal but still fun ways of displaying your photos. Space saving and interesting different ways to show off your images.

The salon-style of displaying images is an effective, formal and yet still fun way of hanging images. It is an easy way of filling a wall and making use of wall space such as the stairs.

And finally a measured and equally placed way of hanging your images.

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Some DIY Storage Ideas

Here are some creative ideas for adding more storage space into your home.

Use book spines to create a small hidden storage area, great for hiding the less attractive things in your home. Keep your jewellery in order and not all tangled up by slitting some cards and hanging your necklaces on them. Keep your holiday images in order by keeping them in coloured and labelled boxes!

Jars are great ways to store all types of things. Put labels on them and keep kitchen ingredients in them, attach them to wood and use them to store utensils or use them as flower pots. Use a bracket and books to make a floating bookshelf!

Always loosing your keys? Attach some hooks to a frame and know where they are at all times. Use painted plant pots to add colour and free up drawer space in your kitchen.

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The Student Room

At the start of every university year a big part of the build up is how to decorate your room.

There are some essentials to add to any university room to give it a fun and homely feel. So here are some little ideas for decorating and some little DIYs to keep to your student budget!

Photographs –  A student essential. Family photos, pet portraits and a growing collection of the best images from an array of those wild student nights out. Here are some fun ways to hang your images.

Hang your images on string with bulldog clips or pegs. Arrange your photos in shapes like the heart above.

Stick your images on the wall and use tape as fun frames. Use bulldog clips of all sizes as photo holders.

Organisation – When you’re at university a small amount of organisation for the odd bit of work you’ll do is needed. Here are some simple ideas for interesting ways to organise your desk and yourself!

Post it notes and pieces of paper attached with bulldog clips are easy ways to keep tract of what is happening each day of the week.

Bulldog clips are the best. Use them on the edge of your desk to keep cables where you need them. Finally, clipboards, again an easy way to keep track of what needs to be done, have one for each day or each project.

Furniture Essentials – Here are the items of furniture that are often needed as an added extra.

You can never have enough mirrors in your uni room! Drawers, guaranteed you’ll need that extra bit of storage.


Lights! Extra light is always good. A desk or bedside lamp and fairy lights add so many more options to the feel of your room. Great for movie nights!

Extras! – Other little bits you may want to take with you.


Cushions and blankets make a room seem cosy and comfy. Blankets are a definite essential for those chilly winter nights.

Candles and flowers, even if they’re fake! They smell and look nice and can add a splash of colour to your room.

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