Embroider with meaning


Embroidery has in the past few years become a cool creative activity. As the record player and vinyl became a trendy thing to have and own – embroidery is now a trendy thing to learn and do. I  also got on the bandwagon a couple of years ago. It’s a great activity for when you’ve occasionally got 10 mins to spare, there’s no pressure to finish it all in one go.

There are some beautiful pieces being made out there. Like the below ones from Sarah K. Benning and Namaste Embroidery.

  benning_1  IMG_20180314_082022_378_1024x1024@2x

But there is also a great, wonderfully subtle and strong movement towards saying some powerful things with the thread. A movement that I love! Get it all out in a beautiful and creative way.


These are more patterns from Namaste Embroidery. A subtly strong statement within a beautiful presentation. I would hang this on my wall! This is actually an embroidery pattern – so you can make it for yourself! Find it HERE


Feminism and self-worth is always great. This little embroidery is small and subtle but packs a big ol’punch. Find it HERE

IMG_4314  75C244E9-AE42-4A75-B8E8-6FE50A26CCD3

The final creator I am featuring is Moonrise Whims not only do they create these fun and funky worded pieces they also create works such as below. Full of weirdly intriguing imagery and beautifully finished pieces of art.

Photo+Feb+03,+1+33+10+PM  DB459C57-292B-4119-BA8E-A29084420F4A

They also created the piece in the cover photo. An expressive piece that I feel everyone can relate with!

I have quietly admired these works and creatives on Instagram for a while now and wanted to write this short post as a nod to them and their work. Obviously this is a tiny collection of the protesting embroiderers. Please get in contact if you know of anymore and give all these and us a follow on insta!

Happy stitching!

Beth Victoria

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Garden DIYs for Summer


Here are 5 summer garden DIYs that we’ve found and would love to make! Perfect for getting you in the mood for summer and your garden looking BBQ ready.


Tea light holders. This is a simple DIY that offers a fun way to have extra light in your garden as well as some recycling! (Click the image for the process)


Bright colourful hanging plant pots! Perfect for in the home or in the garden.

(Click the image for the process)


Stackable recycled planters. Make these from wooden wine boxes for even more of a rustic feel or make them from new! These are great because they make use of the height, creating more floor space, or creating mock walls in the garden.


These teepees are not only great for creating a space in the shade for children to play in, but they’re great for adults too! We would definitely hang out in this, and they’re not too hard to make either.(Click the image for the process)


This DIY takes a little more skill, but the outcome is the perfect comfy place to kick back with a book in the sun. (Click the image for the process)

Happy Making!


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New Years Eve Party Inspiration

With Christmas nearly out of the way it is time to start thinking about New Years Eve!

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for decorating ready for the night. Perfect for a quiet family occasion or full on party!


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Balloons are simple and versatile decorations for New Years Eve! Fill them with glitter or confetti or cover the outside. Make a balloon ceiling or use helium to float them around. Use them as a countdown for 12 or attach photographs to the ribbon. Plenty of ideas!


ec888274460c683fc6afbb98354ba2c0  c2c6cc90a7d62bdaa7cde04f15452fd1  40bbd9b1ed320a21d14f32838cbbb8d7

Everybody loves taking photographs on New Years Eve, here are some pretty simple ways to make an interesting backdrop for your festive images.

Party Favours!

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A great way to decorate the table is with party favours. Whether this is little bottles of champagne or with little bags or jars. Include party hats, blowers, sparklers, straws, sweets, balloons, fortune cookies (see below) or little gifts.

To The Past

new-years-game-printable-4  Unknown

We think a great tradition on New Years Eve is to look back over the year and think of all the good times. Here is a little game that you can download and print to get people talking about the year. If you’re having a group of people that you know extremely well over, then you can also make a little quiz of the year. Use little facts (good and bad) that most people will know and will get a reaction.

Available: www.aliceandlois.com/new-years-game-free-printable/

To The Future

2f763e4f68a458c0b2216826297c6d54  d8daf2cc161806cccd135cf55b9f6f15

We love the idea of a memory jar! We are going to make one for the family this year. Fill it with little things that happen through the year and open it the next New Years Eve! We are going to put our New Year resolutions in ours too. Making little paper fortune cookies are a cute way to get little inspirations and support for the New Year.

Happy Decorating and Happy New Year!


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Halloween DIYs 2!

Here is another selection of DIYs for this Halloween season. This time we’ve focused on the use of paper to create these haunting pieces.

For The Wall

53e5dca0416265e6c32fc02ad0e4c431  3c5d770de7050b633811f47b3593fa2c

Bats are a quick and effective theme at Halloween. These two examples are easily done. The left is a very sophisticated way to get a little fun decoration into a room. The right would look great along with some pumpkins and the kids will love this one.


Again a simple, mature and sophisticated looking design.

4f95986c6631716813b99104024b9475  ccc58518d8bce31ec54aeb9b248d3983

Don’t know how to get decorations onto a staircase? Here we go! Get these little mice running around your home. The witch and broom design is a perfect piece to make a wall into a seasonal shrine.

For The Window

5297e52c71f6b73612b49247fe10128b  3440187f2dcf3571e2a6f84c9229b137

We love this way of making a window into a haunting scene. The one on the left we have done before and it looked so good! They’re the perfect option if you don’t want to clutter the house but want to get a little involved in the festivities.


This is a slightly more impressive scene. A proper Monsters Inc. inspired look.

7edba07f856c1ebef479deaeb06549bd  7c4760d7090be5d47ded8330aa37d47f

There are so many options for these designs depending on the type and positioning of your windows.


If you don’t want to have to worry about your jack-o-lanterns being messy or rotting away this is a great way to get the symbolic sign into Halloween.

And This Cat Eye Treat


This is a pretty simple way to add Halloween decoration to your home. Cut small holes in a cat shaped piece of paper and then poke fairy lights through. We think they look so good and easy!

Happy Making!


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Halloween DIYs!

The spooking hour is nearly upon us so, over the next few weeks, we will be posting some crafty little creepy DIY decorations. First up is a collection of simple but effective themed makes for the home.

Spiders and webs!

a3fcb621d4b15a894fdf7df277abf44d  a13b41cb03549f9f8661bd1461a5a62e  ca7c68847a3d349a6742953bbdc114e4

Take a black plastic bin bag and cut it up to make this bold black spider web design. Stick some plastic spiders to your candles or anywhere in the house to add instant spookiness! This string spiders web is a little more intricate – but its just a few knots! Look up how to make a spiders web or dream catcher online for this DIY.


61dfeb58987012453ae93c8b10e2d4a8  4896751951c9569876941301cd7ddd3b b9047c6654da326def060b0d13674602

Ghosts are a staple for any halloween decorating. The first idea here is to draw ghoulish faces on ping pong balls, put them on fairy light and add a little mesh fabric. Instant glowing ghosties. The middle image shows a really fun way of getting some movement into the decorations, by cutting a spiral piece of paper and unraveling it you can create these floating wonders. The last it a very cute and seasonal option. Painting some of those lovely autumn leaves!


5ca918c5f93ae782562719b8e3eea3f1  508066db97d47d7ab689306852a03e6d 8c5d0ccd0c0d721b98d6b4616f0c97ee

The use of string works so well for this skeleton make. On a black canvas (you may need to paint it black) stick pins through the canvas in a skull shape. Then wind sting around the pins to fill in the skeleton. Remember to leave out the eyes, nose and mouth! For the next skeleton wind some wire into a rough body shape. Wrap this with thin gauze to create these little mummys that can be shaped into any position. Finally and simple draw on latex gloves, stuff them with a material such as toilet roll and light them from behind.

Other Creepy Crafts…

fa97beab18a07be5b23cdcd915bcef1b  84312dda8c72ec93492722fbeea092b0  4b21f7955c9f1d1ea41462afbb2cd673

The final three DIYs don’t really fit into any categories. These are great for a more sophisticated soirée! The first is a frosted wine glass with some little ghosts and text painted on and filled with fairy lights. The middle DIY looks a little tricky.. but it would look SO good. The final idea to create these gothic looking candles by melting crayons down standard candles. Do this with red crayons to create blood dripped candles!


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Autumn DIYs

With Autumn officially starting tomorrow we’ve found some great little DIYs that you can make with the nature that comes with the season.

1  2  3

By far the best part of this season is the falling autumnal leaves. The colours and the crunch under foot is a sure sign that autumn has arrived. Here is a great way to preserve this and get it into the home. The middle image shows a great way to preserve actual leaves. Hanging them on a stick from the stem, or attaching ribbon or fishing line to the leaf, and arranging them into different heights creates a perfect mid fall wall piece. If you don’t want to just use normal leaves you can paint them with glitter (left) or make leaves with watercolour paintings.

6 4 5

Acorns are another great part of autumn. Painting them or again hanging them can create the perfect little decorations for the home. Fill vases with them, or place clusters around the house, they will add a bit of seasonal colour to the place.


This is a cute way of getting pattern and the new season into your room. This DIY can be as simple or as complex as you want. This can be done on any size or colour stone and makes a great little decoration for the home.

7  9

The left image shows what happens when you hammer a leaf onto paper. The colour pigment on the leaf is transferred to the paper. This is a great thing to do to make pictures to put on the wall or invitations and cards for the season. Like with the acorns painting pine cones is also a great way of getting seasonal colour into the room. You’ll have to wait for the pine cones to open, but when they do, adding bright colours to the tips (as above) makes a great little seasonal display.







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DIY Craftiness

Here are a few little DIYs for your home.

1) Adding text to bottles and jars.

1  3

Here are a couple of great ways to add text to your jars or bottles. Great for identifying different kitchen ingredients or just adding a personal touch. Use a hot glue gun to add text onto a jar. When the glue is dry paint the bottle. You now have a personalised painted bottle or jar. With your jars paint/draw patterns on the bottom section. Block out the lettering with tape or paper so that when its painted the wording is clear.

2) Cacti and mini plants

2  IMG_2027

Tea cups, candle holder, shot glasses, egg cups and anything else you can find are great items to make into vases for your cacti and mini plants. The image on the right shows our own little cacti. One is in a tea light holder and the other a scooter shaped egg cup from Italy! We think these are a cute little way of adding plants to your home. We especially love the tea cup idea, we think that we will have to add this to our collection.

3) Twirls!

4  images

The rug and matt look like pretty simple makes with a great result. Take a length of rope and cover it in different patterned and coloured fabric. Then in a tight swirl wrap and sew the string onto each other. For the rope, swirl into a circle a length of a thick rope. Hold the circle tightly together and glue onto the back a circular piece of thick fabric. This fabric should hold together the circle and you then have your matt ready for use!

4) Shoe box shelves


Got any shoe boxes or wine boxes? Tidy them up and paint the outside of the boxes one colour. Paint the back of some of the boxes a mix match of colours. Stack them up in different ways and clip them together to secure them in place.


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DIY – Removing wallpaper

Having just spent a few hours helping to remove some very very old wallpaper from a bedroom here are some top tips for making the job go a smooth as possible.

1) Tear it


Wallpaper normally will have  a top layer and a backing layer. The first step is to pull the top layer off, start in the corners or at the ceiling line for best results.

2) Wet it


After tearing off the top layer you will be left with little bits (or big bits) of the backing paper. To get these bits off it helps if it is wet.

Use either just hot water or a mixture of water and fabric softener. Spray it on to the wall or use a sponge to dab it on. Let it soak in, this softens the paste, then use a putty knife or metal spatula to scrape off the remaining bits.

3) Wash it


When you’ve got most the backing off there will still be glue on the wall. Scrape off as much of it as you can.

Use hot water and a sponge to wash of the remaining glue. A mix of water and dish detergent also works well for this step.

4) Check it


Before you paint over the wall all the glue needs to be taken off. If there is glue left the paint will eventually flake and crackle.  A good way to check if you have it all off is to spray the wall and hold a light parallel to it. If you can see a dark sheen not all the glue has gone. If washing it doesn’t get rid of it then you will need to use a gel stripper.

5) Prepare it


When you’re happy all the glue has gone you need to prepare the wall. This means filling any gaps, smoothing down and priming. Fill any holes that may have appeared or were already in the wall. Sand down the wall to a smooth surface. Then you need to prime it, use one that is suited for what you are doing next, there are paint and wallpaper primers available.

If you need wallpaper we can think of some great designs … bethvictoria.com/wallpaper

Happy DIY-ing!


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Kid Friendly Summer DIYs

Some simple DIYs that the kids can get involved with (if you’re stuck with what to do this summer). Both for your home and for the kids.

For Plants:


Use pegs and cleaned out tuna tins to create a fun little pot for a plant. Perfect for a table centre piece. Use old water bottles and glue to create multicoloured vases. Wrap wool around them or create a collage. Add colour and pattern to create a perfect little vase.

For Art:

cce95cc57c665a41522d9138049ceb88   3bb96a043b485ed43871abcecca6f812

We’ve featured these before but still think that they’re the perfect little DIY to do with kids. The classic melted crayon. A big tip here is to make sure that you use crayons with the wrapper still on them, it holds the crayon in place and makes a neat edge for the dripping wax. Animal shakers! A great way to make a memento of summer trips to a zoo. Choose a favourite animal that you saw and make a little shaker!

For The Kids:

0bf428bef57c9eabda28ac4498f767db   fcb914f8d184a48a52f7a05e4c6fec94

Tipis are great fun and this simple colourful one will make a little ones summer. Great for a bedroom or getting some shade in the garden. Let the little ones show off their artwork with this way of framing. Paint big frames bright colours, attach some string to it and let them hang their newest and favourite work.


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Summer DIY – Tie Dye

With this sunny weather its the perfect opportunity to get your tie dye on.

Tie dye doesn’t just work on tops it works on soft furnishings too. From cushions to curtains, tie dye can add a fun and colourful touch to any room.

4dd2749f11383682be2489ca7d31461a    d04e528df5c2e2430da7edebed36cc3f  25ed04a8239aee6399525931421ca701

There are many different ways to tie dye above is a sample of some of the techniques.

And below are a few home items that you can tie dye.

1) Cushions

81196a11afca14ba672f571b407941aa   28e38fefe66cacadf6844c7d2e3a8117

2) Bedding

2ec8e5dcb92da8b5443c209f11377c24   ef7b84f34af1965851fa1062d9c3ca4a    22ec0a624f5d2b9ef0d80a030d01952a

3) Curtains

509765597ca26651fb0875474ec04183   6c7157c31d119c2b2af1ab2892285158     d768218ccf6346a0efa6eb91f355d143

4) Wall Art

d39225995a43f847656341a09b98b732   0d949bd2cb31773d8634bf21ec05d2c9   65408bd625464bc59e33dc5e2c66be76

Happy Tie Dyeing!


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