What I’ve been up to…


I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy!

Nearly a year ago I started a new role within a very successful and well known interior design company. Designing hotels all day is a lot of fun but it doesn’t leave much time for much else! Now I’m settled in I promise to get back into regular blog posts… I’d like to think they’ll get better with the experience I’ve gotten from the day job…

Heres some images of what I have been up to!


Learning the process of getting a set of concept images translated to fabrics and materials is something that I’ve really enjoyed so far. It takes time to find the right items but when you do you see a concept come together. The above images shows the process of this selection process to create boards.

IMG_3575  IMG_3588

The above two boards are examples of the concept boards finished.


Depending on the desired client to the hotel and our clients taste adding a playful element like some ping pong paddles brings a fun and personal touch to the boards.


One thing I’ve learnt is to throw as much at the boards as you can in the beginning and then filter the items down. This board, however, needed a lot of finishes to be seen on it so the editing down wasn’t needed. I like the addition of the door handle – adding finished pieces always helps clients visualise your ideas. Also, I improvised here a little bit with the white napkin folded in the corner. It is meant to represent a little bit of a ceiling sculpture we had designed… it works!



Another key thing that I’ve learnt is to utilise all the different materials available. Bringing in colour from tiles, metals, glass and other items makes a board stand out.

I’ll get on with writing more blog posts and keep posting updates on what I’m doing and learning at work!

Thanks for reading

Beth Victoria

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Inspiring Interiors – The Brick Wall

We are in no way saying that full brick chimney decor is ok. But in some rooms and with some styles the bare brick wall is a  great raw way of decorating the home.

Scandinavian style

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A brick wall works well in a Scandinavian bedroom, especially with a white wash.

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Again with a white wash brick works in a Scandinavian style kitchen. Especially with the mix of light wood and greenery.

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Again for the same reasons the brick wall works in this style lounge. Hints of greys and yellows, as seen in the above living rooms, are a perfect pairing for the brick wall.

Industrial Style

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The natural brick with the dark metal bed frames and large chunky photographs in an Industrial style bedroom is a great combination.

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Heavy metal and wood furniture and dark colours are a signature of the Industrial style. A white wash brick wall will brighten up this style whilst keeping in with the theme.

08a1366e8bfab99e485268bbf41eacea  3f27c31c1d65921b394382eddeb5498e

Leather, cushions and big metal lights. Industrial style living rooms ooze style and comfort. A brick wall is a simple answer for this style. It allows photographs to stand out and is the optimum industrial wall covering.

Eclectic Style

b89740131228d1730c1b9d09b2099b13   8b80aa6168da88c83fa87d8ec2432af3

The eclectic style brings together bits from all styles that work together. In the above examples you can see hints of Industrial, Shabby Chic and Mid Century Modern.

6be9d46a97280cd87188bfa57836e0bc   e8ab3b54cb788a30114b7ac13629f5e3

The brick background to this style works as a great neutral canvas for the other style to meet.

068517d50adaef432e43bbbb71028539  fc051b3dcd7aa3de65fdce3470693080

We love the mix of Industrial, Mid Century modern and hints of Scandinavian in this first lounge. Especially the roughly exposed brick with the worn off white paint.


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5 Interiors We Love

We’ve looked at the bohemian style of decorating for this post. Breaking the rules of pattern and clutter with a bold and busy collection of materials and objects.


Here is a great example of a mix match of pattern and colour working together to get a bohemian style. The different type of soft furnishings make this room seem bright and comfy.


A less obvious bohemian lounge. The pouffes, cushions and rug add touches of bohemian making a plain and modern room different and a little retro.


The purple table and decorations take hints of colour from the map, making the space bright and fun. The simplicity and chunkiness of the furniture is a tasteful opposite from the delicate look and feel of the map and flowers.


Colourful, patterned tiles with the roll top bath is pretty bohemian. Add some candles and a few more plants and you’ve got a full bohemian bathroom.


The tree branch, the soft pictures and the greenery hanging down all make this the perfect little corner of bohemian style in the kitchen space.


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Inspiring Interiors – Geometrics

Geometrics has had a comeback. The 80s revival, the computer graphics, the graphical elements of design are now a trendy way of decorating your home. To make it work you have to be bold and go for it. Use statement pieces in minimalist rooms or go for a mix match or shapes, sizes and complimentary colours.

This is a look into how to use geometrics in the different rooms of your home.



In the bathroom – A bathroom lends itself to a geometric style. The lines of the cabinets, mirrors, sinks and showers are all geometric. Add some tiles as in the bathroom above and you get a statement geometric style. The gold light is a great touch against the colour of the tiles too. Another way to achieve this look is with a geometric patterned shower curtain.


In the kitchen –  Decorating a wall like this is a fun way to add colour and shape to a kitchen. We like the little touches of geometrics in the tray and light that draw all the elements together.


In the hallway – As with the stairs above, use pattern and art to fill white spaces, this is a simple way of using geometrics. Stick to black and white as above or go for bright coordinating colours. You can paint directly on to the wall, use tape to draw the shapes or simply just hang prints.


In the bedroom – Pillows and bed covers are a great way to get geometrics into your home. This idea can be used in a lounge area too. The night stand and light in this room match the lines of the bed linen, subtly linking the items together.


In the lounge –  This shelving is  fun and a great way to get that extra storage, or as in this case colour from the plants, into a room.  Other ways to get geometric shapes into your lounge is with graphic rugs, cushions and throws.


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5 Interiors we love

Here are a few interiors we love and are inspiration for your own home.


This eclectic style lends itself to a room filled with plants. Add some fresh greenery to your room to bring the summer indoors and add colourful character. The style of mid-century modern furniture works so well with the mix match of colour too.


The grey pallet of this room lends itself to having a hint of colour, The duck egg used here looks great with the neutral greys. Wouldn’t our wallpaper do well in this room? This is also a great way to be able to change the room regularly, just replace the colourful items with a different colour and you’ve easily and cheaply changed the whole room.

We are also loving the shallow photo shelf easily makes a collection of different images and frames look neat and tidy.


The exposed brick is what makes this such a nice featured room. Plain, simple and smart. We like the mix match of furniture and the neutral tones. Like the room above a shallow white shelf would also work above the sofa with a mix of images.


The colour of the lampshade and the artwork creates a link to the dinning area seen in the background. It also brings a fun and colourful extra to an otherwise plain area.


Following the neutral tones of the above rooms this dinning room makes a perfect example of mix and match chairs. We love the big industrial style lights and think that they work so well with the otherwise country feel of the room.


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Eclectic Design Style



Although more of an art movement the eclectic style of designing your room takes little bits of detail, style and time periods together to make one separate unique design. The image to the right below shows the animal skin rug of the Western style, the Mid-Century Modern furniture and the colour pops from an Indian style.

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ellmania.blogspot.com eclectic-2 Vintage-Renewal


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