Zen Design Style



The interior design style of Zen is focused on making your space a relaxing place. It incorporates the elements of light space and purpose. It disallows clutter and only uses what is needed, it follows minimalistic styles. The colours are generally neutral and natural, warm and comforting.

  Zen-Interiors-06-1-Kindesign Zen-Interiors-03-1-Kindesign


m_md315-k-wen_1 10-Basic-Rules-to-create-a-Great-Zen-House-24


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Art Deco Design Style


Art Deco (c. 1908 – 1935)

 The art deco style of interior design is as much to do with the furniture as the building and structure of the room itself. The style involves sleek angles and lines, symmetry and bold shiny colours. Metal, mirrors and glossy wood, cubist images of buildings and vehicles, along with rugs and furs.

art-deco-figure-lamp-copy  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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2229373604_653ebde251 Writing-Desk-RBC-Art-Deco-Style-Furniture


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Moroccan Design Style



Patterned tiles are a very prominent feature in this style. They can be and are used in any room, around the sink, as a fireplace, floor, ceiling and tabletop, anywhere. The tiles are covered in bright colours and geometric shapes. Also featured in this style is a bit of glitz. Blue is a colour often used.

modern-interior-design-moroccan-style-15   moroccan-style


moroccan_blue_interior_design residential interior design, Moroccan style interiors in Paris, home interior decorating, house interior design, French house interior design


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Scandinavian Design Style

There are many different styles of interior design. But what do these terms really mean?

We will be posting, every so often, explanations of design styles. And here’s the first one!


The Scandinavian Style

There are two classes of the scandinavian style, Modern (1930-) and Country (17th century). Country is  natural, nothing harsh with a lot of whites and wooden details. Add IKEA and you’ve got Modern. Obviously it’s not just that, it’s a natural and modern infusion.

Swedish-Interiors-23-1-Kindesign Swedish-Interiors-43-1-Kindesign afeb0658fd7ceb9c39768a11b2a86807     Scandinavian-style-in-Amsterdam3

PRIVAT APARTMENT Simple-White-Scandinavian-Dining-Room-Design-with

We can imagine our wallpapers or Murals fitting in well with this style!


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