A living room design with John Lewis products


This design was made in answer to a made up brief for John Lewis. The brief outlined the size of the room and the wants and needs of the clients. Here is the brief in short; warm tones, show off the victorian oak floorboards, to include an office area, spaces to display photographic work, be able to be used by all five family members and a stylish design. Above is the initial mood board of spaces, products and colour combinations


After finding existing images that I thought related to the space and the clients brief I then grouped a collection of colours, patterns and materials for the space and looked at how they could work together.



Having chosen the colour scheme and taken a look at the materials and patterns available within John Lewis the next step was to look at the products  in the grey and yellow colours chosen and that will go within the space. The above two boards show the various products that would work and the options for accessories and furniture for the room.



These next two boards show the chosen furniture for the room. Starting to group them together and layer the materials and patterns on top of each other.


Having chosen the furniture the next step was putting them together within the context of the room. Creating these visuals with the use of Autocad and Photoshop. The above image and below three show the views of the different walls and placement of the furniture in relation to the space. These visuals also show the suggested arrangement of the photo frames on the walls.




The final below board shows some very simple 3d visuals of the room and an Autocad plan of the room. The time frame for this project was very short, if I had more time to work on this project these final visuals would be more detailed and engaging rather than the blocky simple images they currently are.


We really enjoyed working on this project and hope you like what we designed!


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10 Affordable Home Accessories


A pick of 10 home accessories that aren’t extortionately priced.

1 – This Moroccan style photo frame from Wilkinson is only £8. Great for showing off those holiday snaps.

2- This industrial style bottle would work great with some colourful spring flowers. At £5 its a bargain.

3- This Moroccan candle matches the photo frame and is only £7.50. Looks great and is orange scented so should smell great too!

4- At £15 this white and gold mix candle is the perfect mantle piece accessory.

5- This stainless steel lantern with a big chunky candle inside looks great in any room and its only £15.

6- These hanging photo frames are perfect. Putting a photograph that is too small inside is a surprisingly good mix. The small one is only £9.50 and the large £12.50.

7- This plate can be hung on a wall or used to keep your jewellery in one place, either way it looks beautiful. Its currently on sale for £25.

8- This antique feel jewellery box, with its marble design and mirror inside, comes in this grey and a blue. We think the price, at £25, matches the look.

9- Who doesn’t loose their keys? This is a neat little solution, at £10 its worth the hassle it will save.

10- These alphabet hooks are only £6 each. Having one that represents the name of each family member is a great way to keep the hallway neat and stylish.


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