Western Design Style



Think animal skins and furs, cow hide and horns, Cowboys and Indians. The examples below are Very western, but they show you what you could put into the room to get the feel of it being western. For example, leather chairs with a tribal or animal skin throw on it, or a simple stag horn wall piece (example).

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Left over paint?

Some fun up-cycling ideas to use your left over paint on.

1) Paint some jars!

Make yourself some fun bright jars and glass bottles to make vases, stationary pots and candle holders! You can also paint the outside of tins!

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2) Give your old furniture new life! 

Give your tables, chairs, drawers and shelves a new look. Also sandpaper off some bits of the newly painted furniture (when it’s dry) to give it a shabby chic, antique look!

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3) Simple, paint your own wall art!

Simple easy to make art that can spruce up any wall.

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4) Add some simple colour to your stairs!

Paint the rise of your stairs to give a burst of colour to the room.

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5) Photo frames!

Add a little colour to your photo frames, bring out colours in the image or just make the frame a piece of art itself.

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Moroccan Design Style



Patterned tiles are a very prominent feature in this style. They can be and are used in any room, around the sink, as a fireplace, floor, ceiling and tabletop, anywhere. The tiles are covered in bright colours and geometric shapes. Also featured in this style is a bit of glitz. Blue is a colour often used.

modern-interior-design-moroccan-style-15   moroccan-style


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A Designer’s Process

The ideas behind bethvictoria.com started during my A-level art.

One of the projects we were given was nature; I wasn’t a fan of still life drawing that others were doing, so I took a different route and looked at the more abstract. Having researched artists such as Tord Boontje and the detailed Indian art of Mehndi, within my own work I developed a style of drawing. The outcome of this project was my first mural.

It was the biggest and most time consuming (five days) piece of art I had done. I was painting onto a wall of a bungalow we were refurbishing, which had no heating (and it was winter), and was when I had finished stripped back, re-plastered and is now painted pink.

First Mural

The above image shows the finished final piece.

 Mural video – I recorded bits of the process and above is a little video the making of the mural.

When we were in final stages of building the house, I was asked to paint another, smaller, mural. So whilst the flooring was being laid I climbed a scaffolding tower and merrily painted away. As this was to go into my family home I knew what my parents would like and included bits like a Tahityfly (dragonfly) a family joke from when we were younger.

 Hampstead House Mural

Mural at Hampstead House.

The summer before I ventured to study Photography at Nottingham-Trent University, I painted another mural. Butterfly’s, the design to work if a cabinet was in front of it, and pink were the requirements for this fresco. And that’s what I painted.

Newport Road Mural

Newport Road Mural, with a bird named George.

The summer after my first year at Uni having not stopped drawing new designs, I decided I wanted to do something more with this style of work. This is when I decided to make my designs into wallpaper and created the wall-coverings that make Bethvictoria.com.


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