Inspiring Interiors – Mural Wall Designs

There are various ways to get a mural onto your walls at home or in the office. From pattern and design being hand painted ( to wall decals (stickers).


For the playroom or nursery:

original_tree-with-patterned-leaves-wall-stickers  original_owl-pussycat-fabric-wall-sticker


Available here: Animal tree , Owl and Pussycat , Twinkle Twinkle and

For the rest of the house:

original_tree-with-birds-and-birdcage-wall-decal  original_feather-wall-stickers


Available here: Tree and birds , Feather and Map

Hand Painted

Do it yourself:

1   2

Here are a couple of ideas that you could do at home. From a small design to a whole wall piece.

The professional:

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By us:

DSC_0050  DSC_0721


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Five top decorating tips

Here are some great little tips for decorating your home!

1) Add a rug to change a room

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To instantly change a room add a large rug. It will add colour and shape to a room.

2) Keep bits and bobs together with a tray

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If you have random bits you don’t know what to do with organise them with a tray.

3) Don’t forget the doors

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352b1a45d23755c3226ccbb9b8525aee   f6b98a0174de3a9e7d796f53dd95102e

Doors can be forgotten when decorating a room. Paint them to add more colour to a room. Use block colours or create patterns.

4) Update with paint

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Use paint to re-invent your furniture. Spray or hand paint your items to make them new and fresh. There are many ways to do this, the dripping paint seen above is a great idea.

5) Windowsill displays

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20a2ef8e7b038042e39c40b9b92c28f2   30ff8289da0b05a51f20bd4c54f0b86b

Use trinkets, candles, frames and lights to decorate your windowsills. Flowers are especially good for windowsills, bringing the outside in.

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5 Top Tips For Decorating

5 of our current top tips for when you’re decorating your home.

1 – Go for white

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Simply –  white works. Any room and with any style, a base of white walls or furniture is an easy and efficient way of decorating your home. It is a colour that you won’t tire of and if you decide you want to do something different its a great base coat.

2 – Leather will last

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Any colour, even white, leather is a long lasting and pretty indestructible material. The head board of a bed to a dining room chair this material is timeless and comfortable option.

3 – Mix it up

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Don’t be confined within one design style or colour option. Mix up modern and vintage or industrial and Scandinavian. The style of one piece of furniture doesn’t have to dictate a whole room. Mix colours too, as long as the shades are right, a blue and pink room works, give it a go. But, don’t go overboard with the mixing!

4 – Plants brighten any room

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Plants can brighten the dullest of corners in a room. From big potted plants to little terrariums. A bit of green and a bit of life can bring brightness to any room.

5- Wallpaper works


Whether its our wallpaper or another wallpaper is a great way to decorate a room. They don’t just have to be used on a wall, if you have a sliding door make it look a lot nicer and brighter with a patterned wallpaper.

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Getting Your Home Suitably Summery

Here are a few ways to get your home suitably summery. Getting you ready for parties, BBQs and general summer evenings.


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Flowers are great all year round but during summer they’re even better! Here are three different ways of displaying flowers, adding a little extra to the look.

Scented Candles

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Theres nothing more annoying in the summer than bugs here is a great way to get rid of them! Fill mason jars with things that bugs don’t like, such as, lemon, orange, cinnamon, lavender or rosemary. Then put in some hot water mixed with citronella oil and finally add a floating candle.

Napkins and Straws 


Napkins, straws and table clothes are a great way to temporarily get summer into your home. They’re also perfect for a summer BBQ!

All available here:

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Colour in your home: Red

There are many ways to get the colour red into your home other than painting a wall in that colour.


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Or painting different pieces of furniture and even doors in a high gloss red is an easy way to add a bright splash of colour to your room.

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A little bit of up cycling is a fun way to add the colour. Painting old chairs and re-upholstering cushions. Or fully re-upholstering chairs like the middle picture above. Another easy way is to paint the inside of mason jars with the colour and use them as vases, storage or candle holders.

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 Or just buy some simple accessories that you can add to your room.

bbd91d1291c09a7c6dc3d1625e81a674 contemporary-table-lamps

Red as a colour when in the living room stimulates conversation and in the dining room encourages appetite.

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Colour in your home: Yellow

Yellow is a energising, joyful, sunshine colour. It goes well with greys, blues and greens and works well as more of a hint than a block of colour.

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Bed sheets, cushions and throws are quick and simple way of adding that hint of yellow to a bedroom.

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Re-upholster old chairs and cushions with a fresh yellow patterned or block fabric.

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Lighting. Shades or lamps. Big or small.

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Furniture. Modern or old. Worn or new. Patterned or block. Mustard or lemon.

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