Christmas gift ideas for the home



Here is a first collection of gift ideas that can be given this christmas… or kept for yourself!

The cozy chunky throw is perfect for these cold winter nights and why not add some mulled wine in the tea cup to make it extra christmassy. The personalised polar bear tree decorations would be the perfect gift for a family.

Find the items here:
1) 5×7″ Frame  2) 4×6″ Frame 3) 8×10″ Frame 4) Gold Elephant candle 5) N O E L  6) Wine Cooler 7) Lightbulb vase 8) Wall cabinet  9) Book succulents 10) Chunky throw  11) Wine tea cup 12) Polar Bears

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Colourful DIY Gifts

Here are some colourful DIYs that will be great for little handmade christmas presents!

Add watercolour to mugs to make unique designs. Super glue and paint animals on top of mason jars. Use colourful rubber bands to hold together little books of photographs.

Dip baubles in glass stain to get these colourful decorations. Melt crayons to create these colourful candles. Some more ways to decorate mugs!

Spray Paint! The ends of bottles to make these colourful vases. Hot glue faux flowers onto a canvas and then spray paint them in a gradient of colour. Cover a jug or pot with plastic and then spray paint little bits like the lid or handle.

Stick some colourful flowers to cardboard letters a gorgeous personalised gift. Make the cute little key rings the perfect little gift. Finally, use jars to hold ingredients for making cookies! Find some recipes:

Happy Making!

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Some Christmas Gifts For The Home

 Here are some great little ideas for christmas presents! From vases to wall decorations here are our favourite gifts from John Lewis and Not on the high street!


Happy shopping!

Here are the links for finding the gifts:

  2. &
  6. & &
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DIY: Christmas Decorations

Here are some festive ideas to get you into the mood of the season!

Snow globes! One perfect for kids and the other for stylish christmas-ness. For the left, paint the lid of your jar, attach a wintery scene to the inside of the lid, fill the jar with faux snow or even water and glitter, attach the lid, give it a shake and voila! For the stemware globes attach the scene to a piece of card and fill the glass with faux snow, put them together and tip upside down and your done! Put a candle on the base of the glass for extra elegance.

Baubles, even if you don’t have an actual tree to hang them on you can always find them a home. Hang them from the corner of picture frames or lights. Here are some DIYs use glue and string and a balloon to create hollow string ornaments. Cut up CDs and stick them to baubles to create fun reflective balls. Use a foam ball, sequins and pins to create bright coloured sequin balls.

Here are some little alternatives to christmas trees this winter. If you’ve got enough, use books arranged in the shape of a tree, wrap with fairy lights and put something on top, you’ve got a festive and easy display. If you want something smaller use paper or pages in different sizes on a stick to create the little paper trees seen in picture two above. A little more effort for the third one, use green baubles and wire and arrange them to the shape of a tree. And finally, if your short of space a wall display is easy and reasonably quick to make.

We’ll put some more ideas up soon!

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