A simple blue design


Today I’m heading off to Portsmouth and so I’ve based this mood board on a light and airy blue seaside-y feel. I started with the fabric from harlequin and the light, wooden furniture. This fabric is great for being able to tie in a range of different shades of blue within the accessories and lighting. Using the neutral furniture also means that the room is easily changed – simply just swap out the accessories with different colours.


Hopefully the weather in Portsmouth is as light and airy as this design…


The products:

Paint: Little Greene Gauze (106) | Fabric: Harlequin Estrato Denim/Nude/Sky | Bed: Ercol Shalstone | Bedside table: Ercol Shalstone | Ceiling Light: George Nelson Criss Cross Bubble Light | Lamps: Pooky Bluebell Table Lamp & Elsa Table Lamp | Sofa: Ercol Salento, Vernaldo Driftwood | Accent Chair: Made.com, Lars | Cushions: Made.com, Harbor Cushion, Blue Coral & Paloma Velvet Cushion | Bedding: White Company, Charlcombe, Silver Grey | Throw: John Lewis Moet Knitted, Spruce | Side Table: Swoon editions Reid White Tripod | Coffee Table: Made.com, Range Round Table | Vase: Dartington Crystal Little Gems Urn Posy | Terrarium: John Lewis No.023 | Artwork: Stuart Roy, Blue Horizon.

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Home Sale Items We Need

Here are the sale items we don’t just want – we need!

First up we’re raiding the Urban Outfitters sale. The home section of UO is full of some amazing pieces, but the price is too high for us, so the sale items are right where we’re at.

1) Danish Rocking Chair in Stone – £180

5520443560180_024_d    5520443560180_024_e

Link: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520443560180&category=SALE-HOMEWARE-EU

2) Factory Coffee Table in Zinc – £50

5520439590086_003_b   5520439590086_003_e

Link: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520439590086&category=SALE-HOMEWARE-EU

3) Magazine Rack and Basket in Turquoise – £35

5520439590095_046_b  5520439590095_046_e

Link: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5520439590095&category=SALE-HOMEWARE-EU

4) Urban Grow Mini Pill in Mint – £15

5552339380002_102_e  5552339380002_102_b

Link: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5552339380002&category=SALE-HOMEWARE-EU

Now over to Made.com

1) Darcey Desk, Walnut and Oak – £299

darcy_desk_lb4_2  darcy_desk_lb2_3

Link: www.made.com/sale/all-sale/darcey-desk-walnut-oak-1

2) Marcos Side Table, Natural and White – £29

marcos_side_table_lb4_1   marcos_side_table_lb2_4

Link: www.made.com/sale/all-sale/marcos-side-table-natural-and-white

3) Cotton Dipped Waffle Throw, Mineral –  £27

daze_throw_delft_mineral_lb04  daze_throw_delft_mineral_lb02

Link: www.made.com/sale/all-sale/daze-140-x-190cm-100-cotton-dipped-waffle-throw-mineral

Now to the little more pricey Laura Ashley

1) World Map Wooden Wall Clock – £27


Link: www.lauraashley.com/uk/invt/3602293

2) Bramley Blue Dresser – £700


Link: mto.lauraashley.com/uk/furniture/p/bramley-blue-dresser?shape=display-cabinets

3) Bramley Blue Armoire – £665

300100-101011  300100-101011-alt1-1

Link: mto.lauraashley.com/uk/furniture/p/bramley-blue-armoire?shape=display-cabinets

4) Bramley Blue Round Dining Table – £700

300274-101011   300274-101011-alt1

Link: mto.lauraashley.com/uk/furniture/p/bramley-blue-round-dining-table?shape=dining-tables

Think thats all the window shopping we can afford at the moment!

Happy Shopping!


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