Salt and Silver at the Tate Britain

We headed over to the Tate Britain yesterday to check out their exhibition ‘Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840 – 1860’ a look into the early photographic process of using light sensitive paper coated in silver salts to create photographic prints.


The overall exhibition was very interesting, getting to see images that were taken so long ago and look so much better than the photoshopped to death photographs that we see now.

Here are a few of our favourites


Roger Fenton, Captain Mottram Andrews, 28th Regiment (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot, 1855


John Beasly Greene, Egyptian Sculpture fragments, 1856


 Linnaeus Tripe, Puthu Mundapum, view of nave. Trimul naik’s choultry. 


Studio of Matthew Brady, Landing supplies on the James river Virginia, 

We want to know what the guy lying on the white pile in the bottom just of centre left is doing.

Paris mast

William Fox Talbot, Scene in a Paris street, 1843

Finally a classic photographer and a classic photograph.


Although it was a great exhibition the focus on Talbot’s ‘creation’ of the photograph was a niggling issue that we couldn’t shake off. Above is ‘View from the Window at Le Gras’ by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, thought to be the earliest surviving photographic print made in 1825. We understand the exhibition is about the salt and silver process, but we think that this photograph should have been mentioned.

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Colours of Spring 2015

This is Pantone’s colour report for Spring 2015, we’ve found some items for your home that use these colours for some home inspiration.

 Harlequin wedgwood plates

(1)  These polka dot ‘Harlequin’ wedgwood plates include a few of these spring colours! Strawberry ice, Aquamarine, and a custard woodbine mix.

234066077  234066061

(2) Emma Bridgewater Pink Wallpaper Vase and Candle. Again Strawberry Ice covered.


(3) Bialetti Moka Express Hob Espresso Maker, this little thing on your kitchen surface will be the right amount of Tangerine pop for your room.

5527450520006_080_d  5527450520003_072_b 5527450520001_040_e

(4) Some more Tangerine and a useful one too. It’s in Custard and Scuba Blue too!

5520439592014_036_b 5520439592014_036_e 5520439592014_036_f

(5) Woodbine coffee table!

5520439590112_030_f 5520439590112_030_e 5520439590112_030_b

(6) A Treetop magazine or vinyl rack


(7) Lucite Green shelves from Ikea, you can even get just get a doored insert for the shelves you already have.

5522095510019_030_b  5522095510027_030_b

(8) Treetop coloured lamp shades.

5520438070010_040_e 5520438070010_040_b 5520438070010_040_d

(9) Scuba blue hanging basket swing chair!

5560434390634_040_b 5560434390634_040_d

(10) An Aquamarine Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera, the perfect spring accessory.

5559404400102_040_e 5559404400102_040_d 5559404400102_040_b

(11) This cute little Dusk Blue money bank.

5560435980780_040_f 5560435980780_040_d 5560435980780_040_b

(12) This Classic Blue Crosley Keepsake Turntable.

233685537  5532992530103_053_b

(13) A fresh Lavender scent for your home. And a rug for your floor.

5520443560108_005_b 5520443560108_005_d 5520443560108_005_e

(14) Mid Century Rocking Chair, timber and Titanium.


(15) Elephant Lamp in Glacier Grey!

231253625 231253627

(16) Kenwood kMix Kettle and 2-slice Toaster, in Almond.


(17) A zen like table lamp in Sandstone.

(18) Our wallpaper! In Glacier Grey and Dusk Blue!

Happy spring shopping!

Links to the items above:

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(11) Available at:

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(13) Candle Available at:

Rug Available at:

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(17) Available at:

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