Fabric – Villa Nova


We’ve found and fallen in love with fabric. I will write a few posts like this, looking at different manufacturers of fabric – picking our favourite styles and colours from the collections.

The first manufacturer we’ve selected is Villa Nova. Today I got to see and feel the new fabrics books for their Norrland collection and they inspired me to write this and explore the collection a little and their older collections further.

The first collection I’m looking at is Norrland. This is Villa Nova’s description of the collection:

“The Norrland collection captures the rawness of nature embracing the misty stillness of forest landscapes and a desire to connect with the outdoors. The essence of ‘hygge’, the need for a sense of wellbeing, is instilled in the collection. Norrland encapsulates a relaxed approach to combining a myriad of textures punctuated with handcrafted inspired elements and timeless folk patterns that translate into a casual warmth.”  – Villa Nova


Norrland Indigo, Printed Cotton.

This design is available in a perfect selection of colour ways. The abstract woodland pattern would make beautiful window treatments and the colours within this allow you to bring the very popular copper accessories into the room.


Marit Shaker, Printed Cotton Linen.

Again available in many colours, we chose this because of its ability to subtly bring in greys, blues and even some purple tones. We’ve written about the inevitable blue trend that will be seen this year before and all of the patterns within the Norrland collection would fit perfectly into this upcoming trend.


Alder Bramble, Jacquard Weave.

Earlier today I saw this weave being paired with the design style Croft, Croft involves a lot of light woods, whites, blues and different textures, adding this weave and colour way to it added an extra layer and went very well with the blue accessories.


Sudare Eden, Printed Linen Union.

This is from the older Hana collection. We love the light mixes of limes, greys and corals. This fabric really allows you to bring in a wide range of colours and would be the perfect amount of pattern for a room.



Senza Eucalyptus, Decorative Weave. Sanza Sheer Eucalyptus.

This print is from the Senza II range. This is actually the fabric that I have in my bedroom, the Eucalyptus being a roman blind and Onyx a curtain, I didn’t realise it was Villa Nova fabric until this post. So clearly, I liked this manufacturer before I knew what it was (a good sign I think). This pattern is also available in a sheer with two different colours- I liked it so much I had to include it!

Of course, Villa Nova also do a lot of plain fabric, as well as, a great selection and range of voiles. The best thing about Villa Nova is their price -they are very affordable. If you’re wondering where to get them you can look on the Villa Nova website or head into your nearest John Lewis, they are bound to have a large range of look books and hangers for the collection!


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Spring colours

pantone color trends 2017

Pantone have released their spring 2017 colours and they’re a pretty bright and beautiful range. So we’ve collected some images of the colours in action to show you what you can do with them within your home.

Primrose Yellow

Pale dogwood


island paradise



Pink Yarrow



Lapis Blue

Hope you have enjoyed this spring colour inspiration!


All images found on Pinterest


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A living room design with John Lewis products


This design was made in answer to a made up brief for John Lewis. The brief outlined the size of the room and the wants and needs of the clients. Here is the brief in short; warm tones, show off the victorian oak floorboards, to include an office area, spaces to display photographic work, be able to be used by all five family members and a stylish design. Above is the initial mood board of spaces, products and colour combinations


After finding existing images that I thought related to the space and the clients brief I then grouped a collection of colours, patterns and materials for the space and looked at how they could work together.



Having chosen the colour scheme and taken a look at the materials and patterns available within John Lewis the next step was to look at the products  in the grey and yellow colours chosen and that will go within the space. The above two boards show the various products that would work and the options for accessories and furniture for the room.



These next two boards show the chosen furniture for the room. Starting to group them together and layer the materials and patterns on top of each other.


Having chosen the furniture the next step was putting them together within the context of the room. Creating these visuals with the use of Autocad and Photoshop. The above image and below three show the views of the different walls and placement of the furniture in relation to the space. These visuals also show the suggested arrangement of the photo frames on the walls.




The final below board shows some very simple 3d visuals of the room and an Autocad plan of the room. The time frame for this project was very short, if I had more time to work on this project these final visuals would be more detailed and engaging rather than the blocky simple images they currently are.


We really enjoyed working on this project and hope you like what we designed!


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A New Look For Our Etsy Shop


We’ve added some new products to our Etsy shop!


You can now purchase prints of the images below in a range of sizes. These images were all taken by Beth Smith on her travels and during her photography degree at Nottingham-Trent University. Including a range of images from Lisbon, Portugal to Highclere Castle (Also known as Downton Abbey), Berkshire.

il_570xN.957358690_fp2o   il_570xN.1003902827_oq7g

il_570xN.1003902681_d6kx   il_570xN.957359596_mz2d

il_570xN.1003902439_tlo4   il_570xN.957359066_i8u8

il_570xN.957359194_rtog  il_570xN.957359144_4fao

And of course our collection of wallpaper is still available on the shop!

il_570xN.627250413_gt3z  il_570xN.690739383_tfh2

il_570xN.690740743_lid0   il_570xN.627141844_28j1

So go check it out and see if anything takes your fancy!


All Images ©bethvictoria.com

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Spring home colour combinations


Spring has sprung and we’re thinking of the bright colours that we want to bring to our home, here are a few interior colour combinations we have found and think you would like too!

Untitled-1   Untitled-1



Green, blues and teals feature highly in these five different combinations, they are easily added to a room with the use of flowers, throws and cushions. There is a wide range of complimentary colours to these, its easy to think that they would clash, but using some of the colours above you can’t go wrong!


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Spring time!

Here are a few simple ways to add colour and a spring feel to your home!

Flowers! (of course)

7a2ade221e60bcddcf3fa41acaeff43f  49cbd96d01fc510e9ae13c3cf10ce2d5  98849059a2ae02ad8e11c01835b888ca

Flowers are the perfect symbol of spring. But try to mix up what you display them in. Keep the colours light and bright!

Paint your front door! 

54b4dcea58c8610b9ac297593386d918  18d55249dea2effe744c075e8dff9ee3  87129e90543833101f0d4ee42717ff26

Add a splash of colour to the front of your house. When thinking about painting your door don’t forget that painting your interior doors is also a great way to get that extra colour into your home.

Fresh new bedding

5532446390027_030_b       strandkrypa-quilt-cover-and-pillowcases-white__0409489_PE569786_S4

Getting new colour into the bedroom is easy with new bedding. No need to paint the whole room or change the furniture. These are two of our bright and airy favourites!

Left – Cactus print set from Urban Outfitters. Right – STRANDKRYPA from Ikea.

Get some print and colour into your home

 5a42b1e470af971e09408fc3e7b7f0b2  c4f00c69ee6ff0705e399878e433ebde  image1

Any thing that adds colour and pattern to your home gives it a spring feel. Here are a few more examples! Including our wallpaper!


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Fresh Home DIYs

Here are some fresh DIYs for getting spring into your home!

3de2116926d66dad922d919ce4fe4384   6e2dabc8b87ce13629ced895a50d2d34  d85579121c92d7398d212115297fe8fd

This is an easy way to get a subtle splash of colour into a room, perfect for a fresh new piece of furniture. How cute are these little light bulb vases? Such a nice mix of soft natural colours. Use old cans to create these colourful tea light holders, perfect for the house or garden.

c55799a2fc6eda93d8a12cc26c478cca   f5c1fb68411447e953f9c4d1a41fdd03   f982a95ca1ed14f5815b3ff1622cd957

Flowers! What else brings spring to a room more than flowers? Whether they’re fake or real they look great. Here are some great alternative ways to display them.

cc9243c684d660df9bd5a5327db29c75  f937864a27981a5fae4cfb824b3882f9

Soft pastel colours are a very spring. These dipped mason jar planters add fun colour to the idea and work great together. This is a neat and clever way to give the look of having a good spring clean, hide all the untidy looking items behind book spines


Mason jars are useful for so much! Match with string and flowers to create these country style vases. Perfect for adding flowers to a room without having to have the shelf space.


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DIY Easter Ideas

Here is a pick of what you can DIY ready for Easter!

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/156359418289132296/     https://www.pinterest.com/pin/298996862733917392/     https://www.pinterest.com/pin/313000242828658352/   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/311733605427279912/

To Decorate!

Use of balloons to make the perfect egg shaped basket. Use little water balloons to create some festive bunting and wreaths or bigger ones to make a sweet filled egg. Also, look how adorable these hanging eggs with little flowers in them are!

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/347973508679715474/  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/467318898809819545/   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/59039445089209786/

To Gift!

Message in an egg, personal, very Easter and very unique! Make a normal Easter gift fun by using a jar to make a little home for a chocolate bunny and eggs! We’ve posted this kind of thing before, but using little toys to make Easter animal themed jars is a great DIY gift! Fill with sweets, chocolate eggs or even bath salts.

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/461267186807729312/   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/566890671820903300/    https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26106872812329376/

Flowers For The Table!

Use the double layered vase idea to create this egg and flower combo, a great mix of spring and Easter! Plant some colourful spring flowers in little china tea cups, to make a dainty decoration. Use egg shells as a tiny vase and fill with moss and little plants to add a little splash of colour to any table!

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/417638565417772598/   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/428123508302436877/  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/469429961133592333/

Finally For The Family!

How cute is this cookies and milk idea! Make your own Easter egg hunt! Hide some chocolate eggs in the garden or around the house, and make little signs like these to direct the hunt. Get everyone being creative by making easter bunny shaped crayons!


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A Few Spring Porch Ideas

Here are some neat little ideas for getting the exterior of your house spring ready!

0e84c43547f1952b30fc2a7e93027b7d  8ea9c832f7b581f821af410cbb70d103    6a7f149a2d6fef40fdece70f93d1f980

These fun little ideas for stacking colour-full flowers or colour-full plant pots on top of each other are different and pretty simple. Perfect for beside front doors or in the garden.

c723bb8b1840986c78d59bc61878d360  72a8425c278a66642140bde87b7c574f   0b737b944275616f336ee650678ef98e

Some cute and different ways for creating a spring wreath for your front door. We love the umbrella idea!

6f76ab140e3b4a8b2541a39297f1e601    e7c280fb6768fd40a469d4acbb3e0607

If you have some battered and worn wellington boots from winter, turn them into a vase! Use them as they are or paint them a nice bright spring colour.


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