Inspiring Interiors – Geometrics

Geometrics has had a comeback. The 80s revival, the computer graphics, the graphical elements of design are now a trendy way of decorating your home. To make it work you have to be bold and go for it. Use statement pieces in minimalist rooms or go for a mix match or shapes, sizes and complimentary colours.

This is a look into how to use geometrics in the different rooms of your home.



In the bathroom – A bathroom lends itself to a geometric style. The lines of the cabinets, mirrors, sinks and showers are all geometric. Add some tiles as in the bathroom above and you get a statement geometric style. The gold light is a great touch against the colour of the tiles too. Another way to achieve this look is with a geometric patterned shower curtain.


In the kitchen –  Decorating a wall like this is a fun way to add colour and shape to a kitchen. We like the little touches of geometrics in the tray and light that draw all the elements together.


In the hallway – As with the stairs above, use pattern and art to fill white spaces, this is a simple way of using geometrics. Stick to black and white as above or go for bright coordinating colours. You can paint directly on to the wall, use tape to draw the shapes or simply just hang prints.


In the bedroom – Pillows and bed covers are a great way to get geometrics into your home. This idea can be used in a lounge area too. The night stand and light in this room match the lines of the bed linen, subtly linking the items together.


In the lounge –  This shelving is  fun and a great way to get that extra storage, or as in this case colour from the plants, into a room.  Other ways to get geometric shapes into your lounge is with graphic rugs, cushions and throws.

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Architect: Oscar Niemeyer


Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect whose works are considered key in the development of modern architecture. His explorations into the decorative potential of reinforced concrete was influential and innovative. Niemeyer was a key designer for the planned city Brasilia that became Brazil’s capital in 1960.

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The Cathedral, Brasilia. Stair case Brasilia

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As well as this work Niemeyer also worked on a range of other buildings that incorporate these clean lined, heavy and modern ideas. One of these is the International Cultural Centre in Aviles, Spain. A building that incorporates curves, lines and differing heights.

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International Cultural Centre in Aviles, Asturias, Spain, inaugurated 2011.

His buildings are beautifully modern and solid in structure. His style is distinctive and recognisable.

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Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil. Mondadori palace by oscar niemeyer in Milan, Italy.


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National Museum in Brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer. Oscar Niemeyer Round building.

Not only did Niemeyer design these spectacular buildings, he also worked with pattern and design to create various colourful, and black and white, patterned tiles. He worked with many colours, mainly blue and used shapes and lines to create tiles that can be put together in various layouts to create varying patterns.

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These are but a few of his designs, he was pretty great at what he did. Truly inspirational.


This mural was painted in his memory in Brazil in 2013 by Eduardo Kobra.

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Moroccan Design Style



Patterned tiles are a very prominent feature in this style. They can be and are used in any room, around the sink, as a fireplace, floor, ceiling and tabletop, anywhere. The tiles are covered in bright colours and geometric shapes. Also featured in this style is a bit of glitz. Blue is a colour often used.

modern-interior-design-moroccan-style-15   moroccan-style


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