5 Etsy Finds


Another look at some of our favourite items that Etsy has to offer.

Floating Dressing Table

£230 From Urbansize


This shop holds a range of sleek minimal designs like this dressing table. I love the simple lines and clean finish along with the functional jewellery rail for keeping necklaces untangled and ready to wear.

Scaffold Board Desk with Hairpin Legs

£160 from Tcindustrialvintage 


The re-use of these scaffolding boards as a desk is a common design that I love. The boards paired with the hairpin legs make for a simple yet statement vintage industrial piece.

Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

£31.33+ From HookAndStemCo


Inspired by the 50’s this stand is the perfect way to introduce plants and pots into the home. The pots aren’t included but there are four different types of wood and four sizes to choose from. Not only do these look amazing but also this Canadian company plant one tree for each purchase. There’s no excuse not to buy one or two!

Eiffel Style Dining Chairs

£117.99 for a set of four. From MOF Home


These padded dining chairs are interesting and perfectly retro. The eiffel tower legs are gorgeous and the lines are matched with the detail in the seat padding. These chairs come in four colours the black and white seen above and a bright yellow and green. You can buy them as individual pieces for just £33.99 and in sets of 2s or 4s. I think I need them.

Tiny Succulents

On sale! From Sedumstore


Sedumstore is a cute little shop that sell a range of different little plants (that would look great in our tiled coffee table.) There is a wait to get these as they have to be grown but they are discounted and available to pre-order now. A few people have asked where to get plants to go in the middle of BethVictoria.com’s coffee table and so just wanted to throw this in the post to show another option than the local garden centre.

Check out the coffee table here.


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5 Etsy shops we love

Five Etsy shops we love and hope you do!

1 – Jeremiah Collection – mid century style furniture.

jeremiah collection

The pieces in the Jeremiah Collection are crafted with over 21 years of furniture manufacturing experience. Our pieces are hand made with timeless quality and design. In our shop we keep a fine balance of traditional and modern joinery that insures the best of both worlds. We use only solid wood with a hand applied finish to let the natural beauty of the wood shine. No stains or paint!! We want the natural quality of the wood to speak for itself. Most of our designs have gone through many changes to ensure that all components used are the best of the best. We are constantly striving to make our pieces reach the highest standard. “

jeremiah collection1


2 – Panselinos –  Handmade Home Decor Artefacts and Jewellery.




3 – Yvonne Ellen – Unique  up-cycled vintage homewares.


“Yvonne Ellen homeware is a truly unique range of hand crafted, ‘up cycled’ pieces designed to add charm and intrigue to your home. A strong passion for beautiful vintage crockery alongside a love of quirky, decorative illustration combines to create the unique ranges within Yvonne Ellen homeware. All items are carefully and lovingly handmade in Britain. Each piece is entirely original and no two designs are alike……”

yvonnellen1 (1)


4 – Flock Studio – textiles.

flock studio

Take a look around and we hope you love what you see. We are a design studio intrigued and enthralled by beautiful fabrics. 
Flock works with an eclectic mix of recent graduate designers to create beautiful textiles for interiors. Each designer is provided with a rare platform to showcase their talent, they keep their name to their work and receive a royalty for every metre sold. All products are lovingly hand made and printed in the United Kingdom.”



5 – Jechory Glass Designs – terrariums and ornaments.

jechory glass designs

“Thank you for stopping by! Visit my other shop at jechorydesigns.etsy.comfor real butterfly and glass jewellery.”

jechory glass design1



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Dining Room Chair Tips

Everybody loves a good mix and match dining room chair set. But, getting the right combinations is very important.

We’ve found this neat little guide that tells you what goes with what.


Taking inspiration from this, here are some pairs we’ve found online!

1- Same C0lour + Different Design


These two chairs are totally different in material, texture and shape. Having them the same colour makes them work together so well. We can imagine these neutral coloured chairs at a chunky wooden table with a bright colourful bunch of flowers on top.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/living-room/Dining-Chairs/Kartell-Comeback-Armchair-GREY-BLUE/2-3421-72475/ + www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Bleecker-Dining-Chair-(Gun-Metal)/2-3006-70587/

2- Same Design + Different Colour

230630320alt1  230630321alt1

These two colours work so well together! Would look great in a rustic or modern home. A great design with soft colours. Who doesn’t like an Eames chair!

Available here: www.johnlewis.com/vitra-eames-dsw-side-chair/p325424?colour=Ocean

3- Same Style + Different Design

flynn_dining_chair_merlot_lb1_3-1   flynn_scoop_back_chair_grey_lb1_5

These two designs are only subtly different. Mix up the colours to make them seem even more different, or keep them  matching. Plus they look nice and comfy.

Available here: www.made.com/chairs/dining-chairs/2-x-flynn-dining-chairs-merlot-red-1  +  www.made.com/chairs/dining-chairs/flynn-scoop-back-chair-graphite-grey

4- Same Material + Different Design


These two leather chairs with their different colours and styles would look great in an industrial, rustic or modern home. The armchair looks super comfortable and supportive.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Ripley-Armchair/2-1029-60067/ + www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Gaia-Chair/2-2734-69391/

5- Vintage + Modern

    VGHO4857KART_B4 232262941

One is plastic the other is wood with padding, so different yet the same style. A great mix of vintage and modern design.

Available here: www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-cameo-dining-chair/p557404  +   www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Kartell-Victoria-Ghost-Chair/3-1792-64920/#

6- Play With Height


A tall heavy leather chair with a regular light upholstered chair. Have the taller ones at the end of the tables to make a symmetrical mix of heights.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Ellice-Chair/2-1726-64613/ + www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Evaldo-Dining-Chair/2-1783-64869/

7- Play With Texture

LOUG4853BULK_1_Large TIM70200STDF_1_Large

Plastic and upholstered. Hard and soft. The colour from the soft chair with the clear of the hard are perfect contrasts for a alternating arrangement.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Mimi-Chair-(Vintage-Moleskin-Duck)/2-2814-69768/ +  www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Kartell-Louis-Ghost-Armchair-CRYSTAL/2-265-60190/

8- Play With Weight

232653029alt1 233176620alt1

A heavy wooden chair and a light plastic chair in the same colour. Again a great mix match.

Available here: www.johnlewis.com/philippe-starck-for-kartell-masters-chair/p326288?colour=Grey +  www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-lydia-leather-effect-dining-chair/p485368?colour=Taupe

9- Play With The Details


A perfect example of playing with detail. The negative and positive combinations of black and white keep the chairs similar but at the same time strikingly different.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Kartell-Super-Impossible-Chair/3-1570-63979/

10- The Odd One Out


We would use the metal chair as the odd one out. We like the different weights, colours and materials in these chairs and think they work the well together.

Available here: www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Gustave-Dining-Chair-(Old-White)/2-2996-70493/  +   www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/furniture/dining-room/Dining-Chairs/Nevada-Dining-Chair/2-3658-73438/


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