Creating Inspiration Boards

A great way to start thinking about how you want to decorate a room in your home is creating a inspiration/mood board!

One great way of making a inspiration board is to collect little things that you like. Collect them in a box or stick them to your wall. You’ll be able to see a pattern of what you want in your room, your colours and patterns will become clear. Then you can start looking for furniture, paint and soft furnishings in these patterns and colours.

Another way of creating an inspiration board is digitally, you can collect images of furniture, colours and wall coverings. This is great if you know what furniture you want and allows you to easily take inspiration from the internet. Pinterest is a great easy way to find things you like and save them as a collection.

Putting your inspiration onto the wall in a the room that you want to decorate is useful. You can see how the light will work with the fabrics and wallpapers at different times of the day. It may change how you feel about them.

Your boards don’t have to have images to do with interior design on them, pick out your favourite colour dresses from a magazine or pieces of art work that you like and go from there.

The best thing to do when making inspiration boards is to keep collecting images. If you find one you prefer more than one already on your board replace it. Or just keep building the collection, it will help you see the pattern of what you really like more.

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