Terrariums, Jars and Botanicals

Plants and flowers make a room feel bright and fresh. Here are some of our favourite ideas on getting them into your house.

These little Terrariums are cute and easy to make for any home. All you need is a glass container, a jar or a glass will work fine for this, pebbles, charcoal, soil, plants and moss. Put these into the container in order give it in a spritz of water and you’re done. If you’re looking for some cool and interesting containers for this there are a lot on Etsy for example:

These bottles and jars are a great way to reuse and create something new and nice. Paint jars and bottles, or wrap wool tightly round a bottle to make neural coloured vases.

Here is a great way of displaying a pressed botanical. They look like beautiful fresh piece of art. Here’s a guide to how to make them

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