DIY Easter Ideas

Here is a pick of what you can DIY ready for Easter!

To Decorate!

Use of balloons to make the perfect egg shaped basket. Use little water balloons to create some festive bunting and wreaths or bigger ones to make a sweet filled egg. Also, look how adorable these hanging eggs with little flowers in them are!

To Gift!

Message in an egg, personal, very Easter and very unique! Make a normal Easter gift fun by using a jar to make a little home for a chocolate bunny and eggs! We’ve posted this kind of thing before, but using little toys to make Easter animal themed jars is a great DIY gift! Fill with sweets, chocolate eggs or even bath salts.

Flowers For The Table!

Use the double layered vase idea to create this egg and flower combo, a great mix of spring and Easter! Plant some colourful spring flowers in little china tea cups, to make a dainty decoration. Use egg shells as a tiny vase and fill with moss and little plants to add a little splash of colour to any table!

Finally For The Family!

How cute is this cookies and milk idea! Make your own Easter egg hunt! Hide some chocolate eggs in the garden or around the house, and make little signs like these to direct the hunt. Get everyone being creative by making easter bunny shaped crayons!

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