The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL.

This Easter we spent our time exploring the interior wonders of West Palm Beach Florida.

Here is one of the places we visited.. a few times…

The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida.


First opened in January 1896, The Breakers is a historic hotel with ball rooms, conference rooms and a few amazing restaurants.

IMG_2361  IMG_2363

The Mediterranean Ballroom with its own courtyard. The pale pink detailing with the painted cloud ceiling give this room a princess feel. The wall of windows flood the room with light and the door leads to a courtyard in the centre of the hotel full of seating and flora.


Linking to the Mediterranean Ballroom is the Venetian Ballroom. The wall of windows in this room has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Gold Room… You can see why.


The Circle. This is where they hold the brunch, one of the most renowned in South Florida. Check out the massive concave hand painted ceiling.


The Seafood Bar. Sit at the fish tank bars and watch the sea whilst sipping on a cocktail.

The Breakers is definitely worth a visit!

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