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The summer party

With this gorgeous weather we’re getting in the mood for summer BBQs and parties.

So here are some little ideas to create a great summer party.


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Pierce painted tins and pop a tea light in them to make a starry pattern. Cut glow-sticks and shake them into a jar or bottle, in the dark they’ll glow. In the garden it would look like colourful fireflies. Hang jars with tea lights in them from trees to create a fun garden atmosphere!

Drink and ice ideas

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Make your drinks cool by using these little tricks to make your ice even more interesting. Fill with herbs such as mint or with fruit pieces. When they melt you’ve got an added extra to your drink. And why not use your wheelbarrow as a ice bucket for the beers.


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The simple blanket and pillows is a quick and easy way to make seating in your garden. Or add a small table to make a picnic even easier.

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Hay-bails are a great easy way to add seating to your garden, they can be used as tables too! Use drawers and wooden pallets to add little tables to a picnic area.

Some other little things

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Stuck with how to get the cutlery around? Make one of these nifty little cutlery trays! A fun and easy way to add a little fun to the party, paint twister circles onto the grass and let the games begin.

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Make some adult capri suns using sealable sandwich bags. Attach jars to sticks to make a different type of flower boarder. Finally, photo booths! Everyone loves them they’re easy to make and the photos will be great little reminders of the event.

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