Design Articles You Should Read

Here are a few articles, books and videos on design that we have found useful and think you will too.

1 – Article on Norman Foster’s designs for the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This article was the inspiration for a previous blog post. The way that the buildings and the area has been described and how this has influenced his designs is sort of magical. “The quality of the Florida light, the wonderful lush landscape and tropical plants, the extraordinary evergreen hedges that tower above you, the relationship with the water and the warmth of the people”

2 – The TED talk by Chip Kidd on book design.

Look past his glasses and his odd sense of humour and the man speaks a lot of sense. It is an interesting insight into the idea of judging a book by a cover and how the good books draw you in. And of course this can relate to all other aspects of design.

3 – Design disconnect – Wallpaper* Magazine

We couldn’t find an online link to this one so heres a photo of the article. All about how technology and furniture haven’t yet got along.


4 – Design as Art, Bruno Munari – Book

This little book informs and questions theories of design and its relation to art. Defiantly worth a read. Although you will have to buy it! Here is a link to an article on the book, also worth the read!

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