Neat, Creative and fun accessories

We’re looking at doing some home improvements to our own rooms, so we’ve been scouring the internet for neat little ideas. Here are a few we found this week.


String and bull dog clips are always a great way to hang images. This thicker string tied taut with the bull dog clips is even better. An easy way to keep changing up the artwork and look to a room.


This DIY hanging note pad is both useful and looks great too. Here’s a link to the how-to on this item¬†www.designsponge.com/2012/05/diy-project-hanging-notepad.html¬†pretty simple to do with not to many materials.


These thin shelves are great for not only displaying photographs and artwork, but also for little bits and ornaments.


These blackboard walls are great in any room. It doesn’t have to have mathematics on it like this, use it to draw frames around artwork or to draw a bed frame. There are lots of possibilities for this and when you get bored of it rub it off and start again.


Everyone loves old style suitcases and this makes for a great wall display. You don’t have to actually cut up the suitcases, you can make them. Cut up boxes and paint them or make them from scratch.


This is a simple and effective way to get an industrial style bedside table. It works with the Scandinavian style too.


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