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5 Super Storage Spaces

Here are some fun, useful and decorative ways to add storage to a room. If you need that extra bit of storage and want it to look great then these will hopefully give you a little inspiration.


1 – This is a neat idea for an alternative bedside table! A dash of colour and a useful shelf.


2 – This perfectly patterned chest of drawers. This can be done with scrap wallpaper, photographs or painting.


3 – These old drawers up-cycled into bright and brilliant shelves. Again use old scraps of wallpaper, photographs or paint to give them that extra touch.


4 – We love the mix of colours with the collection of vases, trinkets and books. An organised and simple way to keep lots of colourful objects together.


5 – This is a great way to add more storage options with no extra cost and we love the colour combo.

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