5 Top Tips For Decorating

5 of our current top tips for when you’re decorating your home.

1 – Go for white

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Simply –  white works. Any room and with any style, a base of white walls or furniture is an easy and efficient way of decorating your home. It is a colour that you won’t tire of and if you decide you want to do something different its a great base coat.

2 – Leather will last

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Any colour, even white, leather is a long lasting and pretty indestructible material. The head board of a bed to a dining room chair this material is timeless and comfortable option.

3 – Mix it up

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Don’t be confined within one design style or colour option. Mix up modern and vintage or industrial and Scandinavian. The style of one piece of furniture doesn’t have to dictate a whole room. Mix colours too, as long as the shades are right, a blue and pink room works, give it a go. But, don’t go overboard with the mixing!

4 – Plants brighten any room

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Plants can brighten the dullest of corners in a room. From big potted plants to little terrariums. A bit of green and a bit of life can bring brightness to any room.

5- Wallpaper works


Whether its our wallpaper or another wallpaper is a great way to decorate a room. They don’t just have to be used on a wall, if you have a sliding door make it look a lot nicer and brighter with a patterned wallpaper.

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