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A Designer’s Process

The ideas behind bethvictoria.com started during my A-level art.

One of the projects we were given was nature; I wasn’t a fan of still life drawing that others were doing, so I took a different route and looked at the more abstract. Having researched artists such as Tord Boontje and the detailed Indian art of Mehndi, within my own work I developed a style of drawing. The outcome of this project was my first mural.

It was the biggest and most time consuming (five days) piece of art I had done. I was painting onto a wall of a bungalow we were refurbishing, which had no heating (and it was winter), and was when I had finished stripped back, re-plastered and is now painted pink.

First Mural

The above image shows the finished final piece.

 Mural video – I recorded bits of the process and above is a little video the making of the mural.

When we were in final stages of building the house, I was asked to paint another, smaller, mural. So whilst the flooring was being laid I climbed a scaffolding tower and merrily painted away. As this was to go into my family home I knew what my parents would like and included bits like a Tahityfly (dragonfly) a family joke from when we were younger.

 Hampstead House Mural

Mural at Hampstead House.

The summer before I ventured to study Photography at Nottingham-Trent University, I painted another mural. Butterfly’s, the design to work if a cabinet was in front of it, and pink were the requirements for this fresco. And that’s what I painted.

Newport Road Mural

Newport Road Mural, with a bird named George.

The summer after my first year at Uni having not stopped drawing new designs, I decided I wanted to do something more with this style of work. This is when I decided to make my designs into wallpaper and created the wall-coverings that make Bethvictoria.com.


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