Colourful DIY Gifts

Here are some colourful DIYs that will be great for little handmade christmas presents!

Add watercolour to mugs to make unique designs. Super glue and paint animals on top of mason jars. Use colourful rubber bands to hold together little books of photographs.

Dip baubles in glass stain to get these colourful decorations. Melt crayons to create these colourful candles. Some more ways to decorate mugs!

Spray Paint! The ends of bottles to make these colourful vases. Hot glue faux flowers onto a canvas and then spray paint them in a gradient of colour. Cover a jug or pot with plastic and then spray paint little bits like the lid or handle.

Stick some colourful flowers to cardboard letters a gorgeous personalised gift. Make the cute little key rings the perfect little gift. Finally, use jars to hold ingredients for making cookies! Find some recipes:

Happy Making!

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