Decorating Tips – Arranging

Here are some of the best illustrations we’ve found that show how best to arrange different rooms and furnitures.

The Rug

1      2

Choosing the right size rug for the room, and furniture in it, is very important. General rule is that a rug can’t be too big. A small rug becomes an item of its own and makes a room look cluttered. A larger rug draws all the pieces of furniture together and connects the space.

Lounge Furniture

3  6 7

The arrangement of your living room furniture depends on what you will be mainly using the space for. The great thing about this is, that when the needs of the room changes, it is easy to just move around the pieces and change the atmosphere.

Photographs and Artwork

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Symmetry is generally the rule for hanging art work. Even in a salon style (end picture) there is a pattern to the layout (the edges of the frames line up to another). The first image shows how to understand and get hanging pictures on stairs right. There are thousands of ways to hang artwork, this is just a little taster, check out this Pinterest board for more ideas.

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