DIY Craftiness

Here are a few little DIYs for your home.

1) Adding text to bottles and jars.

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Here are a couple of great ways to add text to your jars or bottles. Great for identifying different kitchen ingredients or just adding a personal touch. Use a hot glue gun to add text onto a jar. When the glue is dry paint the bottle. You now have a personalised painted bottle or jar. With your jars paint/draw patterns on the bottom section. Block out the lettering with tape or paper so that when its painted the wording is clear.

2) Cacti and mini plants

2  IMG_2027

Tea cups, candle holder, shot glasses, egg cups and anything else you can find are great items to make into vases for your cacti and mini plants. The image on the right shows our own little cacti. One is in a tea light holder and the other a scooter shaped egg cup from Italy! We think these are a cute little way of adding plants to your home. We especially love the tea cup idea, we think that we will have to add this to our collection.

3) Twirls!

4  images

The rug and matt look like pretty simple makes with a great result. Take a length of rope and cover it in different patterned and coloured fabric. Then in a tight swirl wrap and sew the string onto each other. For the rope, swirl into a circle a length of a thick rope. Hold the circle tightly together and glue onto the back a circular piece of thick fabric. This fabric should hold together the circle and you then have your matt ready for use!

4) Shoe box shelves


Got any shoe boxes or wine boxes? Tidy them up and paint the outside of the boxes one colour. Paint the back of some of the boxes a mix match of colours. Stack them up in different ways and clip them together to secure them in place.

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