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Fresh Home DIYs

Here are some fresh DIYs for getting spring into your home!

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This is an easy way to get a subtle splash of colour into a room, perfect for a fresh new piece of furniture. How cute are these little light bulb vases? Such a nice mix of soft natural colours. Use old cans to create these colourful tea light holders, perfect for the house or garden.

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Flowers! What else brings spring to a room more than flowers? Whether they’re fake or real they look great. Here are some great alternative ways to display them.

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Soft pastel colours are a very spring. These dipped mason jar planters add fun colour to the idea and work great together. This is a neat and clever way to give the look of having a good spring clean, hide all the untidy looking items behind book spines


Mason jars are useful for so much! Match with string and flowers to create these country style vases. Perfect for adding flowers to a room without having to have the shelf space.

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