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Halloween DIYs!

The spooking hour is nearly upon us so, over the next few weeks, we will be posting some crafty little creepy DIY decorations. First up is a collection of simple but effective themed makes for the home.

Spiders and webs!

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Take a black plastic bin bag and cut it up to make this bold black spider web design. Stick some plastic spiders to your candles or anywhere in the house to add instant spookiness! This string spiders web is a little more intricate – but its just a few knots! Look up how to make a spiders web or dream catcher online for this DIY.


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Ghosts are a staple for any halloween decorating. The first idea here is to draw ghoulish faces on ping pong balls, put them on fairy light and add a little mesh fabric. Instant glowing ghosties. The middle image shows a really fun way of getting some movement into the decorations, by cutting a spiral piece of paper and unraveling it you can create these floating wonders. The last it a very cute and seasonal option. Painting some of those lovely autumn leaves!


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The use of string works so well for this skeleton make. On a black canvas (you may need to paint it black) stick pins through the canvas in a skull shape. Then wind sting around the pins to fill in the skeleton. Remember to leave out the eyes, nose and mouth! For the next skeleton wind some wire into a rough body shape. Wrap this with thin gauze to create these little mummys that can be shaped into any position. Finally and simple draw on latex gloves, stuff them with a material such as toilet roll and light them from behind.

Other Creepy Crafts…

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The final three DIYs don’t really fit into any categories. These are great for a more sophisticated soirée! The first is a frosted wine glass with some little ghosts and text painted on and filled with fairy lights. The middle DIY looks a little tricky.. but it would look SO good. The final idea to create these gothic looking candles by melting crayons down standard candles. Do this with red crayons to create blood dripped candles!

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