Kid Friendly Summer DIYs

Some simple DIYs that the kids can get involved with (if you’re stuck with what to do this summer). Both for your home and for the kids.

For Plants:


Use pegs and cleaned out tuna tins to create a fun little pot for a plant. Perfect for a table centre piece. Use old water bottles and glue to create multicoloured vases. Wrap wool around them or create a collage. Add colour and pattern to create a perfect little vase.

For Art:

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We’ve featured these before but still think that they’re the perfect little DIY to do with kids. The classic melted crayon. A big tip here is to make sure that you use crayons with the wrapper still on them, it holds the crayon in place and makes a neat edge for the dripping wax. Animal shakers! A great way to make a memento of summer trips to a zoo. Choose a favourite animal that you saw and make a little shaker!

For The Kids:

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Tipis are great fun and this simple colourful one will make a little ones summer. Great for a bedroom or getting some shade in the garden. Let the little ones show off their artwork with this way of framing. Paint big frames bright colours, attach some string to it and let them hang their newest and favourite work.

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