Left over wallpaper?

If you find yourself with left over bits of wallpaper or you’ve got a collection of samples, we’ve got a few things that you can do with them!

1) Use it to line your drawers! 

Stick the left over bits to the bottom, sides and outside of the drawers to add pattern and colour.

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2) Add a little colour to your stairs!

Use strips of the wallpaper on the rise of your stairs. Go for a colour theme, a mix match of wallpaper or one single design. You can even paint the tread to match the colour. It makes the staircase more fun and interesting!

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3) Put it in a frame!

Put your left over bits of wallpaper into different frames and hang them on your wall. Gives you the option of many patterns and colours in one space and will brighten up any room. Hang them in the saloon style with a mixture of frames and patterns to make it a fun and interesting wall filler.

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4) Liven up shelves and display cupboards!

Like the drawers, put the wallpaper behind shelves to make a bright new feature. Different colours and patterns make for fun storage in a kids room.

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5) Use it as wrapping paper! 

Make use of spare paper in this way rather than buying a whole roll of wrapping paper for one present!

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6) Use it to make book covers!

Whether you’re making the book from scratch or you just want to make a plain looking book look nicer, here what you can do!

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7) Make colourful pots! 

Add a cover of wallpaper to jars, cans and dated vases to make new fresh colourful pen pots, vases and candle holders.

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8) And all these little things! 

Put them on clipboards to make your office colourfully organised. Make a colourful fire screen. Or brighten up a tray!


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