We visited the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum last week. Natural History has a constant great display (and gift shop) and the temporary photography exhibitions on there are always great to see. The V&A is hosting an array of work for the London Design Festival at the moment and one piece really stood out for us.


This is Mise-en-abyme by designers Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale in collaboration with Johnson Tiles.


This piece aims to play with your sense of perspective. The overlapping semi-transparent layers and the lines of the tiles work create a landscape that takes influence from theย one-point perspective found during the Renaissance period. The title “Mise-en-abyme” meaning “placed into abyss” reflects on the feelings and experience felt whilst walking through this installation. Iย like the fact that you have to duck to get through some of the layers it gets you involved with the work. This piece isn’t complete until someone walks through it.

I love the way that the colours from the layers work with the light and the tiles to create different patterns and hues. Here is a little text from the exhibition “The grout lines of the tiles lining the bridge represent the perspective grid lines found on Renaissance drawings, creating an illusion of exaggerated depth that draws the viewer into the work. Each tile features a custom landscape across the bridge appear to open outward or to close inward, depending on the visitor’s point of view”

A great piece and one that I will be thinking about whilst working on research for my MA!

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