Colours in your home

Our Current Top 5 Interior Colour Combinations

We’ve chosen five rooms with colour combinations that we think really work.

From greens and yellows to neutrals and neons, hopefully these will give you an idea of the different variations of colour combinations that work.

colour combo1

Blue, green, yellow and neutral. Bright and fresh colours that go great. The colour that works well here is the green of the wall, it is the statement colour (but its not too overpowering), the yellows and soft pinks work as accents to the green.

Colour combo2

The greys and pink of the walls are mirrored by the pink chair and wooden furniture in this room. A bright and fresh colour combination that is all drawn together by the reflective copper lights shades.

Colour Combo3

This is a current colour combination that we’re looking at for our own room. With a red and white egg chair we need a neutral colour that will give us a mid century modern feel. This blue grey is perfect. A soft and relatively neutral tone that will go with all the colours that are already in the room.


By keeping the room neutral and adding bursts of colour this room isn’t ‘too much’. The mix match of colours work well and adds a fresh and fun feel to the room. This is also a great way to cheaply and easily change a room. Just swap out the wall art and soft furnishings with different colours and patterns and create a whole new room.


The concentration of mustard yellow around the fire is a great way to make a feature without the traditional fire place. Neutral walls, furniture and carpets with pops of green and blue work well in this space. We love the worn looking ceiling too.

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