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Our top 5 items on Etsy

We’ve selected 5 items from Etsy that we currently love.

1) Cocktail Chair – Mid Century Modern, Retro, Vintage, Newly Reupholstered


A 1970s cocktail chair that has been restored into this perfect Mid Century Modern feeling piece. The legs have been treated and the seat reupholstered. We think that the colour combo works really well and would look great in a lounge or bedroom.

Available Here : Kallistaa

2) Modern Ceramic Hand Planter


We love different ways of having flowers in our home and this porcelain piece is something we haven’t seen before. Its different, looks great and the plant works so well in it. It doesn’t have to be for plants, you could use it to cup your jewellery, soap, little office bits or candles (with a bit of sand).

Available Here : SCULPTUREinDESIGN 

3) Antique Cream Vintage Frame Set


The frames that this shop sell are a great way to get a salon style of hanging pictures in your home. The sets of frames are made to order, let them know what colour and sizes you want and you’ll get your own unique collection of vintage looking frames.

Available Here : WillowsEndCottage

4) 5 Jar Pendant Light – Mason Jar Chandelier


A cluster of Mason Jars that have been turned into a light fixture. We like the fact that you can adjust the length of the cords so that you can arrange them as you want. They also have these available with different amounts of jars and different length cords.

Available Here: IndustrialRewind

5) Iris Light Mint Green Minimal Design Table Lamp


Following on from our last post on geometric designs in the home we found this little beauty. This would work as bed side lamp or in a home office space. A fresh and modern piece.

Available Here : Lambater

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