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Priory House

This week we’ve been busy shooting the idiosyncratic interiors and exteriors of Priory House and Oriental Brewhouse. A B&B based in Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, owned by Roger and Carole Lee. It offers many photographic subjects from dressed mannequins in the hallways to stag heads on the wall.


We are waiting for the rolls of medium format and 35mm film to be developed and in the process of editing the digital photographs but here is a sneak peak at the outcome of the shoot!


ย Working with medium format on such a sunny day was a treat.ย Can’t wait to see how this one comes out!


The front of the house, again looking forward to how this one comes out on film.

Priory House Photos, 10/11/14

The spiralling wooden and gold staircase with bright coloured walls leads you up to the B&B rooms and collections of childhood toys.


The piano holds many other musical instruments, family photos and has a tiger skin draped over it!

Priory House Photos, 10/11/14

Owner Carole Lee is a fashion designer, mannequins pop up all over the house, some of them are wearing her designs and others are left to become part of the decor.

Priory House Photos, 10/11/14

Toys that once were used by their children now sit in the hallways creating interesting little still life scenes.

Priory House Photos, 10/11/14

More mannequins, these ones have become part of the garden, mixing with the tree and the foliage to create unique garden ornaments.


Aย rusty box full of old and new toys hidden in the garden.


And finally, a photo-bombing chicken.

Check back in a week and we’ll have the film images to show you too!


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