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Sketches To Product

To start the process of making the โ€˜2014 original collectionโ€™ I drew out seven or eight A4 designs, which would be a repeat pattern. I then did a poll on the best two, the two that would work best as wallpaper.

Design 2 Design 5

These are the two designs that were chosen.

The next step was to find a company that would be able to help me turn these sketches into wallpaper. Being based in Nottingham I found a company close by in Loughborough, Anstey. On my first visit to the warehouse, I met the team that would be making the wallpaper and had a tour. Seeing the machines working and the whole process from the rollers to printing to wrapping to boxing to shipping.

Wallpaper being printed at Anstey.

The wallpaper that was being printed when I visited.

On my next visit to Anstey I chose the type of paper, the printing method (flexographic printing) and how the repeat should be on the wallpaper. In this visit I also met with the person from Laserflex that would be making the rollers for the two wallpaper patterns.

Once I had signed off on the pattern for the rollers and they had been carved it was time to think about the colours that I wanted the wallpapers to be. I wanted them to be subtle colours, the pattern is detailed and a bold colour would have been too much. I gathered samples of other wallpapers, colours of paint, ideas of what works together in the different room and looked at the colours of the murals that I had previously painted.

Having decided on blue/green and grey, the colour ideas were sent to Anstey, ready for their team of colour technicians to match what I had chosen to an actual ink colour.

In January, I went to Ansteyโ€™s warehouse and worked with the guys that printed the wallpaper to make sure that the colours were the same as what I had signed off. We did this for each colour and designs and waited whilst each lot was printed in full.

All that was left for me to do was to wait for the rolls to be cut and packaged with our personalised label and then to be delivered to me.

A Roll Of Wallpaper

A roll of wallpaper with our logo.


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