Spatial Design

Watching the Ripples

The camera obscura is a natural projection of an external view made in a dark space by a small aperture through which light subject to the laws of rectilinear propagation (the notion that light travels in straight lines), creates a projected upside down image of the external view on the surface opposite the aperture.

This spatial design project works to identify the potential of the camera obscura within a hospital setting. Watching ripples on the surface of water is an experience that is captivating and calming. A reflective practice that when linked to St Thomasโ€™ hospital leads to a camera obscura hovering above the river Thames. This camera obscura would have the aperture on the bottom of the device projecting the water movement onto the ceiling.

This collection of images shows the design process from the fun wearable umbrella camera obscuras to ones as an architectural intervention. Leading to the final designs of a fixed Thames camera obscura and how this project was taken into a gallery space for the final exhibition at Chelsea College of Art.





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