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So, it isn’t really do with interiors but, who doesn’t love some good stationary? Here are few we’ve seen this week.

RH25373-ZZZ-ZZZ~Rhodia-Head-Stapled-Notepad-No18-A4-(210-x-297)-Orange_P1   RH42161-TQ~Rhodia-R-coloR-Head-Stapled-Notepad-A4-210-x-297-Turquoise_P2

Rhodia is a great brand for notebooks. Theres a whole range of them but nothing beats the classic orange and black, as above. We’ve recently bought a couple sizes of the blue notepad above and they look so nice.

Available here: www.cultpens.com/c/q/brands/rhodia


Pocket typewriter are a great little stationary brand. They offer a range of cute little notepads, such as the ones above, as well as cards and gift bags.

Available at: www.pockettypewriter.co.uk/stationery

Intro colored ntb


Moleskin – The classic notebook.

Available at: www.moleskine.com/en/collections/what-s-new


A little gem from Etsy. A vintage map stationary set with notebook, pencil, eraser and pegs. This shop, of course, isn’t the only shop on Etsy that offers great little bits of stationary.

Available here: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/5ftinf?ref=l2-shop-info-name

5622423050002_000_b   5622423050002_000_d

The school of life schools of thought: Buddhism set of 3 notebooks. They’re simply designed, the colours are soft and theres three of them. Urban Outfitters also offers them in other colours as well as many other notebooks and journals.

Available at: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=5622423050002&category=JOURNALS-NOTEBOOKS-EU


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