Summer Exhibition 2015

Every summer the Royal Academy holds this massive event in which over 1100 artists fill the walls. From paintings, photography, sculpture and architecture the art is varied and some of it is questionable.

“The Summer Exhibition is about artists’ generosity and democracy. No other gallery in the world tries to do what the RA does – open its doors to everyone who thinks of themselves as an artist, to have their work judged by their peers.” Bob and Roberta Smith RA

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015_3

The first thing you see as you enter the RA’s Annenberg Courtyard is ‘The Dappled Light of the Sun’ by Conrad Shawcross. A large and tall sculpture that you can walk between the legs of on the way to the main exhibition.


Then up these brightly patterned stairs into the first room of the exhibition. Made from hundreds of pieces of colourful tape by Jim Lambie.


The walls are painted bright and bold colours and the work is literally in some cases from floor to ceiling.


There is so much work you could walk round various times and see something new!

And heres a couple of our favourite bits!




It’s open till the 16th of August – book your tickets here: RA Summer Show

Also check out the BBC 2 documentary called ‘Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’.

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