Decorating DIY

Fresh Home DIYs

Here are some fresh DIYs for getting spring into your home!       This is an easy way to get a subtle splash of colour into a room, perfect for a fresh new piece of furniture. How cute are these little light bulb vases? Such a nice mix of soft natural colours. Use old cans …

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Terrariums, Jars and Botanicals

Plants and flowers make a room feel bright and fresh. Here are some of our favourite ideas on getting them into your house.    These little Terrariums are cute and easy to make for any home. All you need is a glass container, a jar or a glass will work fine for this, pebbles, charcoal, …

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Left over paint?

Some fun up-cycling ideas to use your left over paint on. 1) Paint some jars! Make yourself some fun bright jars and glass bottles to make vases, stationary pots and candle holders! You can also paint the outside of tins!               2) Give your old furniture new life!  Give …

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