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6 Etsy Items We Love

Here are six Etsy items that we currently love! 1 – These cloud lights!    Perfect for a nursery, although they’re pretty awesome I’d have them in my room! Found here: Cloud lighting by LilSpaces 2 – This strapped mirror The way this mirror is cradled by the leather strap is oddly satisfying. The perfect fit …

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Designer – Alvar Aalto

    Alvar Aalto was a Finnish sculptor, painter, designer and architect. At the start of his career in the 1920s his style was focused on ‘Nordic Classicism’. This changed to a more international modern style in the 1930s and continued towards a modernist style till the end of his career in the 1970s.     Alvar Aalto …

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5 Interior Inspirations

Here are 5 great looking interiors that will give you inspiration for decorating your home. 1 -This bright and airy Scandinavian design style. 2 – This eclectic mix of country and industrial, we love the high ceilings and big open window. 3 – This simple but effective Mid-century Modern design style. 4 – This great …

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Interior Design Styles

Scandinavian Design Style

There are many different styles of interior design. But what do these terms really mean? We will be posting, every so often, explanations of design styles. And here’s the first one! The Scandinavian Style There are two classes of the scandinavian style, Modern (1930-) and Country (17th century). Country is  natural, nothing harsh with a …

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