Thanksgiving DIY Decorations

Here are some nuggets of inspiration for getting your home ready for Thanksgiving!

Use leaves and tipex or white paint to create some festive bunting. Fill a vase with acorns and top with a bright flower for the perfect fall centrepieces. Keep with the bright leaf theme by creating these name cards for your table.

Make a ‘thankful tree’ get your family members and friends to fill your tree with things that they are thankful for. When its full it will look great and be a good memento of the year.

Ones for the kids!

Get the kids involved with these cool head pieces heres how to make them . Make these cute little cups into bright little birds. Who wouldn’t love these!

And one for all the family. Print off these shapes and create your own thanksgiving photo booth!

Make your own or alternatively buy them. (

Happy creating!

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